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Red Reposter - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Team

  • The Fay has put together a Christmas list for some Reds players
    "Jonny Gomes: An adult haircut. That's not going to happen, so the Reds should take advantage of it and have a faux-hawk give-away.
    Paul Janish: A fair chance. Janish deserves to be the everyday shortstop. If he's hitting .200 on April 30, he still should be in the starting lineup on May 1. He can flat pick it at short.
    Travis Wood: A race against Stubbs. The dude can fly for a pitcher."

    Also, he wonders aloud if Edgar Renteria would play backup SS for us if we gave him $2 mil. I don't think this is such a bad idea. He's getting old (35), but it seems he can still play an average defensive SS. I'd still like to see Paul Janish get a chance, of course, but right now we don't have a back up infielder who can play SS in case he fails miserably or gets hurt. Maybe instead of Miguel Cairo we should have gone for Renteria. The biggest problem with this though is that if Dusty got his hands on an old SS with a World Series ring you just know he'd start every single day without a day off. It would just be another Lando all over again.

  • Doug Gray has updated his organization pitching depth chart
    and I have to say, I'm not really impressed. Outside of Aroldis Chapman, Brad Boxberger, and Donnie Joseph, I'm not really all that high on any of them. Jonathan Correa, Ismael Guillon, and Kyle Lotzkar are all interesting in their own way, but I'm not overly excited about them. The rest of the guys here are mostly filler. Good thing there are so many promising young pitchers already in the majors, because it looks like the cavalry is a ways off.

  • Fortunately, the positional depth chart is a bit more promising
    I'm really confident about our up-the-middle prospects (Devin Mesoraco, Yasmani Grandal, Billy Hamilton, Zack Cozart, Yorman Rodriguez, and Dave Sappelt are all good lookin' young fellas), and there are some impressive bats on the corners as well.  Does anyone else completely forget about Grandal?  I guess I spent so much time watching a good-ass big league team this summer that I completely ignored all the draft picks.

  • Pete Rose got himself a managing gig
    No, not THAT Pete Rose, and no, not a real managing gig. Chuck Hustle II will be managing the White Sox rookie-level team in the Appy League. Did you know he played 21 seasons of minor league ball? Jesus Crickets, that's...something.

  • Austin Kearns is going to be playing in Cleveland again next season
    He began the season there last year before being shipped to New York. It looks like he'll make a little less than Jonny Gomes, and I think it's reasonable to assume he'll perform modestly better than Gomes. I would have liked to see Kearns back in Red, but it's really not a big deal. He won't be the difference-maker the Reds need in LF.

  • Ken Griffey Jr is 15,005 days old today
    and in honor of this symmetrical accomplishment, The Hardball Times takes a look at his career through a WAR lens. He's the best player in Mariners history, and even with all his, uhh, misfortune in Cincinnati, he's one of our best, too. And Chuck Finley had a helluva career. Who knew?  A big ol' "thank ya" to Red Hot Mama.