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The Era of the Excessively Long Internet Handle Begins

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I know what you're thinking: "Who is this pretender-to-the-throne who has gone from toiling in the recycled headline mines of the Reposter to Blog President and Dictator for Life?" For starters, I suggest you read about this heroic struggle in my autobiography,  Rijo Sabocasey, WKRP: Of Fire and Ice: A Tale of a Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (Volume I). However, it's more likely that you're just wondering if the Reds are going to start making any kind of noise on the Hot Stove scene or lock up some of that young talent. And that abiding, often unhealthy, interest in this team is where you and I will always be of the same mind.

I may be green on sabermetics (or stress them too much), may seem like a Dusty Baker apologist (or too harsh a critic) or make entirely too many allusions to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Worcester Ruby Legs (or not nearly enough). But we can always meet back at our shared fandom and desire to have a community that contains the the full spectrum of that fandom - from painstaking overanalysis to absurd, dadaist image posting and lengthy sidebars about mass transit.

Joel (RIP, 1908-2010) and I share many of the same sensibilities and areas of interest when it comes to baseball and the Reds - and there are areas where I'm sure we depart considerably. I signed up as a member of this blog in May 2008. The Reds were still very much mired in their Medieval Times, but I stuck around because of the quality community and content Joel was cultivating. In large measure, I've tried to emulate that with my contributions to site and intend preserve it. So to put it briefly, everything will be basically the same (for now). Anyone who's been around the site since I joined on as writer may have some impression of what I'm into and how it might be different than Slyde. But much of the content  that goes up on the site is produced with almost complete autonomy, so whatever my peccadilloes are, they don't matter much outside my own writing.

This blog has extraordinarily good contributors who tirelessly produce stellar content, which members of other SBNation communities often admire from afar. So I'm largely going to stay out of the way and let the good times roll on. For my part, I like statistics, when properly applied, but I'm still learning how to wield a database. I like the narrative side of baseball, the sepia-toned history, nostalgia, the defunct franchises and Orval Overalls of baseball. I like the aesthetics, architecture and photography. The economics and business of baseball, while cold and calculating, lights up another part of my brain. In all of these areas, my will is strong, but sometimes my flesh is weak. I'll need your help at every step of the way, but as frequent readers can attest, one of the most entertaining facets of this blog - if not its core strength - is the thread. The writers put up a framework and the members turn the post into a stimulating (though hopefully not self-stimulating) carnivelesque discussion that at times even approaches the intelligent. I've learned a lot from commenters here, who routinely provide thoughtful commentary and even reportage.

This offseason, expect coverage of the hot stove, speculative acquisitions and a look at the future of the organization through the lens of the current state of The Farm. I'm also interested in tracking the payroll and the effect it has on the ability of the franchise to make moves to shore up its 2010 successes.  And we're going to sandbox a lot of new things, so I hope you like epic poems. So if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want your blog back, then stick with me. Because this is going to be pretty similar to the blog you know, love and will get you fired for checking every 20 minutes at work. Also, I'm pretty sure I was the first to say The time has come to set aside childish things. Because "childish things" deserves its own blog tag.

Reposter up, Farmers Only down. Paid the cost to be the boss. 'KRP out.