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Would you sign Joey Votto to a 10-year deal?

The details of Troy Tulowitzki's new deal with the Rockies have started surfacing, and considerable ink is being spilled over it. Not everyone thinks it's crazy, but much of the criticism is for the timing of the extension, rather than the extension itself. Tulo was already signed through 2014 on one of the most team-friendly contracts in baseball, so adding another 6 years on top of that seems, to many, to be excessively risky.

I don't much care about it either way, but it got me thinking about the impending contract negotiations with our cornerstone and MVP, Joey Votto. Contract status aside, Votto and Tulo have been similar players through their respective careers up to this point. Tulo has 4 full seasons under his belt to Votto's 3 and he is a year younger, but their WAR values are nearly identical: rWAR pins them at 13.8 and 13.9, while fWAR has them at 17.8 and 16.2. You have to think that Tulo's new deal is going to come up when Joey and Walt sit down to talk money.

My question is, if you are the King of the Reds and the decision is solely up to you, would you offer Votto a 10-year deal for $157.75 million? Vote in the poll below.