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Hot Stove League Rankings: Shortstop (II)

Other positions covered in this series: Relief Pitcher | Left Field

The Reds have yet to send any signals that they are chasing down outside help at shortstop, other than a vague interest in re-signing Orlando Cabrera under the amount of the $4M option they declined. Despite a lack of buzz, the hot stove season is young and shortstop remains a potential position of growth. I'd join in the chorus supporting giving the job to Janish, on the condition that the team shores up its production at other positions. There isn't exactly a cornucopia of talent that's both available and affordable.

Updates: No more NPB stars on the list, as Nakajima was not posted and the bidding war for the privilege to pay Nishioka's posting fee was won by the fellow Midwestern, Central-division occupying Twins. Jose Reyes rockets to #2 on the charts with news that he is, in some sense, available - though reports indicate he'd require three or four players in trade. Kris Negron received a smattering of votes on the heels of his performance in the Arizona Fall League and inclusion on the Reds 40-man roster. I think he may be an early favorite for the back-up job, but it's somewhat likely the Reds at least throw a few minor league deals (with Spring Training invites) to shortstop-capable free agents. And while it looks as though Derek Jeter is no longer a lock to remain the Yankees walking monument, I still can't imagine him anywhere near the Reds price range.

A note about "Speculative Reds Offers": I've set the ceiling high on these. For all offers, I've tried to posit a deal that would conceivable for both sides and tolerable for the Reds, given a best-case-scenario amount of spending power.

Criteria to qualify: Free agents, members of the Reds organization who aren't presumed to make the Opening Day roster OR anyone with a modicum of buzz  - in a halfway reputable news source -  as a candidate to switch teams this off-season via trade, declined option or possible non-tender.

Current Standings:

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Rank Name June 2011 Age Contract Details 2010 slash line
2010 WAR 2010 Value ($)
Avg value, last 3 yrs ($)
Speculative Reds Offer
1 Stephen Drew 28
Arb-eligible .278/.352/.458
$15.2M Leake, Mesoraco
2 Jose Reyes 28
$11M in '11, FA in '12
Wood, Frazier, Cozart, Sappelt
3 Jason Bartlett
Arb-eligible .254/.324/.350
$2.8M $11M
Francisco, Cozart
4 Juan Uribe 31
FA .248/.310/.440
$8.83M 2yr/$10.5M
5 Sean Rodriguez 26
Pre-arb .251/.308/.397 (378 PA)
N/A Heisey, Valaika
6 JJ Hardy 28
.268/.320/.394 (375 PA)
$12.5M Maloney, LeCure
7 Paul Janish
Pre-arb .260/.338/.385 (228 PA)
8 Marco Scutaro 35
$5M in '11, $6M club option/$3M player option ($1.5M buyout) in '12
.275/.333/.388 (695 PA)
$13.8M Ondrusek, Valaika
9 Miguel Tejada 37 FA .269/.312/.381 (681 PA) 1.3
1 yr/$5M
10 Orlando Cabrera 36
FA .263/.303/.354 (537 PA)
$5.4M $8.23M 1 yr/$2.5M
10(T)* Everth Cabrera 24
N/A Bray, Sappelt


* Because they have the same last name.

Also receiving votes: Cristian Guzman, Brandon Wood, , Zach Cozart, Ryan Theriot, Kris Negron, Edgar Renteria.