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Red Reposter - If they give Joey Votto's MVP to someone else, we will not be cool. At all.

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Sweet God, I miss baseball.
Sweet God, I miss baseball.
  • The Fay defends Jonny Gomes as the everyday LF
    and I must protest. His argument is almost entirely predicated on RBIs, which we all know is a not so very good way of measuring a player's value. Sure, Gomes racked up a sizable number of RBIs this past season, but that has more to do with hitting behind OBP heroes Joey Votto and Scott Rolen. Aside from Gomes' scorching May, he was a decidedly below-average LF, and that doesn't even factor in his embarrassing defense out there.

    Unfortunately, there are few alternatives out there. Carl Crawford ain't walkin' through that door. Neither is Jayson Werth, or seemingly any player who will command more than a few million dollars in salary. Failing a major signing or trade (I'd absolutely love Matt Kemp or Carlos Beltran), I'd personally like to see the Reds go cheap and build a platoon. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Laynce Nix wasn't a bad little player last year, and his stark platoon splits perfectly compliment Gomes'. Danny Dorn has about as much chance as 'KRP does, but he'd be an inspired pick and cheap too. Scott Podsednik would definitely suck.

  • Redleg Nation asks just how valuable you think Edinson Volquez is
    After posting over 4 WAR in '08 and struggling with a busted elby bone the past 2 seasons, it's difficult to know which Wagon will roll into town come the end of March. He'll be eligible for arbitration this winter, so the Reds are definitely wondering themselves. They thought enough of him to start him in Game 1 of the NLDS (Remember that? We were in the playoffs!), but that hardly gives us insight into the future. So what do you think of him? Is he going to be the ace we saw in '08, or was that a fluke? Did the TJ surgery permanently affect him? How much do you think he'll make next season?

  • Dave Sappelt had a good season, we all know that
    He was runner-up for the Farmer's Only 2010 Hitter of the Year Award, after all. But Blog Red Machine points out that game is far from perfect. One aspect of his game that could use a bit of improvement is in the area of base stealing. He has a reputation as a real burner, but he was only successful in 58% of his base-stealing attempts this season. That is well below the break-even threshold. Now that Joe Morgan has more time to spend in Cincy, this should be one more thing to add to his "to do" list.

  • This story is impressive if only because it interweaves two of the least-relevant and overwrought narratives in baseball
    Some guy insinuated Pete Rose could possibly have used steroids back in his day. I have absolutely nothing to say on this matter because I think steroids are completely overwrought and Pete Rose totally irrelevant, but what the hell. It's late November and there's nothing else to talk about.

  • The A's are trailblazing the path to the future by going retro
    They've scheduled a real actual double-header on July 16th against the Angels. Double-headers had gone the way of the fireman, the player-coach, and the bullpen cart, but now the A's are bringing it back. Scheduled double-headers have been one of my favorite drums to bang on these past few years (Memorial Day and Labor Day should be double-header Baseball Holidays!), so this is terrific news for moi. Two-for-the-price-of-one baseball is a marketing strategy that small-market teams should really explore. What's better, 15,000 boring fans each for 2 games, or 45,000 packing the house for one great fun-filled day at the ol' ball orchard?