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Red Reposter - Laynce nixed

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Laynce Nix declares his free agency
If you prick him, does he not bleed? Daynce Mix is now able to use his free will to sign with any major league club after clearing waivers and refusing an outright assignment. Nix put up a solid .291/.350/.455 line in 165 at-bats this past season, but the Reds evidently  have decided that he's not worth the arbitration raise. Nix is certainly useful as a 4th/5th OF who plays sound defense and hits for power, but they could bring him back for less or replace his production with a minimum wage-earner. By all accounts, management is trying to free up as much salary as possible to give to Bronson Arroyo.

Redsfest tickets went on sale today
A press release told me so.

Extension "not that close," sez Arroyo
John Fay got a text from Arroyo, who was on a boat. But get this - not his boat. He's on a cruise. I wonder what cruise line it is? I'll make a poll so we can tabulate our guesses

Daryl Thompson is battling back
Official state news tells us its been a long, injured road from Thompsons's debut at Yankee Stadium in 2008 to the present. But after being named AFL Pitcher of the Week Monday, DT could be primed for a surge in 2011. The Reds will need to decide whether to add Thompson to the 40-man or expose him to the Rule 5 draft in early December. If there's space, Thompson has a compelling case, but he's behind Frazier, Cozart and potential free agent signings in the queue.

A look at free agents with lurking upside at
The Reds are urged to re-sign Miguel Cairo. Cairo will be affordable and useful as an all-purpose infielder, but no one should expect him to achieve last year's benchmark of bench play.

Big League Stew asks whether Tsuyoshi Nishioka could be Ichiro II: Electric Shortstop

The parallels: Nishioka is 26 years old and just won a Japanese batting title with a .346 average (via 206 hits) in 2010. Ichiro was just a year older when he came to the U.S. at 27, when he was a seven-time defending NPB batting champion. Both are speedy leadoff hitters and smack the ball with a similar swing that Ichiro has already made iconic in the states.

Another parallel: the Reds don't figure to be coughing up for Tsuyoshi's posting fee either. Although, after last offseason, I'm not ready to rule it out entirely.