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Remember 2009? A Look at Red Reporter with (what else?) the Numbers

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2009 was kind of a big year for Red Reporter, even if it was same-old, same-old from the Reds.  What was once a sleepy internet backwater inhabited mostly by snarky, elitist internet jerks continued to grow into a titan of Reds blogdom inhabited mostly by snarky, elitist internet jerks.  Almost 800 people signed up to be a part of Red Reporter last year, not including those countless millions of you out there who read loyally but don't have the guts to sign up.  Together, we posted over 169,000 comments.  That is a helluva lot of "That's What She Said" jokes.  The internet scientists down at SBNation HQ have compiled some other interesting user data for us to amuse ourselves with and I'd like to share some of the more interesting tidbits with you all. 

Red Reporter Stats For 2009

New Members


Total Comments


Total Stories


Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
Brendanukkah 9947
Gray 7289
obc2 7213
Madville 7170
Slyde 7007
BK 6370
jch24 6047
BubbaFan 5945
justin007000 5626
Charlie Scrabbles 5603

Most Stories

User Count
Slyde 453
BK 173
Charlie Scrabbles 153
Brendanukkah 129
riverfront76 34
andromache 18
jch24 15
ken 15
JinAZ 13
Gray 8

Most FanPosts

User Count
obc2 66
BubbaFan 29
justin007000 19
Brendanukkah 19
jch24 18
Madville 14
Thundering Turtle 13
Daedalus 12
riverfront76 11
Cy Schourek 10

Most FanShots

User Count
Slyde 67
PeteyHendrix 21
Brendanukkah 21
Charlie Scrabbles 17
BK 15
justin007000 14
nycredsfan 12
Madville 10
Dave from Louisville 9
Cy Schourek 8



Slyde may be the captain of this here ship, but Brendanukkah is clearly the heart and soul, the table-setter, the straw that stirs the drink (or if you want to continue the ship analogy, he can be the rear admiral (huh huh)).  Dude racked up nearly 10,000 comments last year, that's 27.25 comments a day, or about a comment every hour.  Clearly, Brendanukkah is the most dedicate Reds fan any of us know.  We now have the stats to prove it.  Numbers don't lie, you know.  Gray, obc2, Madville, and Slyde round out the list of top 5 commenters, all posting over 7000 times apiece.  That is quite a lot of grammatical corrections, peach jokes, pictures of female athletes, and shameless plugs for the book he is writing (did you know Slyde is writing a book?). 

As far as the front-page content goes, I'm pretty confident in saying that we get some of the best in the business here.  I don't want this to devolve into a Golden Globes-style back-patting festival here, but I feel pretty good working with this group of writers.  Even in this troublesome economy, Slyde continued to lead with his penchant for numbers and wit.  If Red Reporter were TBS, Slyde would be our Family Guy reruns, keeping us afloat.  BK and nycredsfan kept us abreast of all minor league goings-on.  ken and I did our best to post links to all the real writers on the internet (though I was better at it than he was, I must say).  Brendanukkah and Gray stayed up past my bedtime to recap the games.  JinAZ brought his sexy brain over to give us a well-informed saber-slant.  andromache was our woman on the front lines, reporting from the WBC.  riverfront76 put together that immense and incredible list of the Greatest Reds.  And jch24 did everything in his power to make this a cheeseburger website instead of a baseball website.  All jokes aside though, these folks make being a Reds fan that much easier.

But even with this talented group of authors (and jerks like me) driving the front page material, this site is and always has been community-driven.  Red Reporter is the soapbox across the street from the Parliament that is the Reds Front Office; here, everyone gets equal time with the bullhorn to say what's on their mind (of course, neither Parliament or the Reds FO are going to listen to us, but that just means we should yell louder, right?).  And that is what really makes this place unique in the Reds blogosphere. 

obc2 spent more time with the bullhorn than anyone, posting the most FanPosts/FanShots last year.  The Prince of the SIS spent less time talking about the Reds than anything else, but that's (probably) a good thing.  His unhealthy obsession with Adam Rosales makes it pretty clear to me that he knows way more about the worst movie ever or the one beer to drink than he does about baseball.  BubbaFan went to a bunch of minor league games and took some fantastic pictures, and then was kind enough to share them with all of us.  justin007000 told us over and over again how Matt Maloney is going to be the next Tom Glavine.  And Madville...well, you know. Thundering Turtle gave us up-to-the-minute scouting reports on the Reds draftees back in June.  Daedalus, Cy Schourek, Dave from Louisville...every one of you a valuable contributor, just as every one of you who didn't make it on one of these arbitrary top 10 lists.

So the long and short of this whole thing is that you, the people, are what make this site what it is.  These little charts are meant to highlight the dozen or so Red Reporters who contributed the most, but the conversation is driven by every one of us.  Personally, I just want to say thanks for all of you making being a Reds fan a bit more tolerable.  Thank you.