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Fantasy Camp: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane!

I know I haven't been around much lately, but I thought I should let you know that I'm leaving for vacation this morning. That's right, suckas, it's time for Reds Fantasy Camp! By the time most of you are rolling out of bed at 2pm this afternoon, I'll be in mostly sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

Tonight is mainly preliminary stuff.  We have a little get together, maybe a few drinks, get our schedule, meet the other campers, and then it's lights out, mister!  I probably won't have much of an update tonight, but I expect to be able to give you updates every day for the rest of the week. 

My prediction for the week comes from America's Sweetheart, Clubber Lang, "Prediction?...Pain."  My one goal for this week is to not run into a serious injury.  If I can avoid that, it will be a success.

And to be honest, that's probably the most realistic goal I can set because if you'd seen me in the batting cage, you'd know that I'm a mix of the worst parts of Quinton McCracken and Wily Mo Pena.  My best hope is that I hit it to guys that can't field it very well.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures and video for you tomorrow, or at least some time this week.  Enjoy the week while I'm away.  I won't be thinking of you!

(Check out the classic Seinfeld clip after the jump.  Enjoy the cold!)