On Aroldis Chapman: "We really don't know what we have. We're going to try not to let the fanfare...

On Aroldis Chapman: "We really don't know what we have. We're going to try not to let the fanfare and the $30 million affect what we do with him in Spring Training, but do what's best for him. He's only 21 years old and he's gotta' get used to living in the U.S.... Even if he doesn't [come North], we'll know we've got a real gem not far away." On Homer: "Found the strike zone, found his rhythm... As much as I like Dibbs, where was he at 22 or 23 years-old? Where was Randy Johnson at 22 or 23 years-old? Curt Schilling? Not everyone "gets-it" at the same time, so let's not lose faith just 'cause it's modern MLB" Schedule: "We've got it tough right out of the gate. The Cardinals, Carpenter & Wainwright. Hopefully we get their pitch count up... then the Cubs... I hope we're more ready right out of the gate. I'd like to get a lead rather than play catch up." On youth in the outfield: "No, not really [concerned]. We are what we are, we don't have a whole lot of money to just go out and get someone. I was talking to Eric Davis the other day, and they were playing together in the OF 4 or 5 years before the 1990 W.S." On SS, and interest in Cabrera: "We're exploring some of those avenues. That's an outstanding question. You know, Paul Janish played an outstanding SS last season, and you know that when we were playing, there were some HOF SS's that hit in the low .200's for a couple-three years before they caught on: Ozzie Smith..." On Joey Votto: "He said he's feeling better than he's felt in years. Even though he seems like a veteran, he's still a very young man with only 2 years in the big leagues." On "you've got some hackers on that team": "Cro, you know when we first came up, we were hackers, too. You just want them to improve. With experience, you get a better knowledge of the strike zone. I'm excited to help guys learn to play the game, to move runners over. One thing I really want to help out with is hitting with RISP..." (Also, I had to laugh to hear Warren Cromartie refer to our #3 starter as "Queeto") Dusty Baker on MLB Home Plate "The Show" with Jody MacDonald and Warren Cromartie