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RR Blood Drive: Help Save a Life

A year ago today, my mother passed away from Leukemia.  At the time, on this site, I had encouraged all of you to give blood at your local blood bank as it was the donations of so many that helped keep my mom alive while she took chemotherapy and other treatments.  We also talked about putting together a Red Reporter sponsored blood drive some time during the year.  I dropped the ball on that one, but I'm hoping to make up for lost time starting today.

Starting today, and for over the next 13 weeks we will be having a blood drive here at Red Reporter.  Why 13 weeks? Well, that just so happens to be how long until Wire to Wire: Sweet Lou, Nasty Boys, and the Wild Run to a World Championship by John Erardi and Joel Luckhaupt comes out, and three lucky blood donors are going to receive their very own copy of the book...for free!  Also, 13 weeks gives those that have recently donated another chance to donate in order to be eligible for the contest.

So, how does one become eligible for the contest? Simply go to your local blood bank or neighborhood/office blood drive and donate. Not sure where you can donate? Check out to find a blood drive or donation bank in your area.  After you've donated, fill out the form below and just like that, you will be entered to win.  It's just that easy.

I know that some of you, because of one reason or another, won't be able to donate blood. Don't worry, we'll have other opportunities for you to win a copy of Wire to Wire.  I also know that some of you have no interest in the book, please don't let that deter you from giving blood. 

If you've never given blood before, I encourage you to give it at least one try.  I went for years without giving blood until my wife finally drug me along with her. It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it to be. There is a little bit of a sting, but it's not much more than when you get a shot at the doctor's office. You might be a little sore afterward, but usually it's not all that painful. Those of you who are regular donors, speak up in the comments and give us your stories!

If you happen to donate more than once before April 30th, feel free to log your name more than once.  It will increase your chances of winning, though you can only win one copy of the book. This would be an especially good reason to donate platelets, since generally a person can donate platelets every two weeks.

All I ask is that you are honest about your blood giving.  Like I said, there will be other chances for you to win the book in the future. So, if you are going to cheat, please cheat on one of those chances. Donating blood is important, and I'd really like to know that the readers of RR are legitimately making a difference.