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RR Community Prospect Rankings: Well, this is a surprise...

That Red cap with the 'C' on it looks mighty good on ya. (via <a href=""></a>)
That Red cap with the 'C' on it looks mighty good on ya. (via

So the Reds went way off of everyone's radar today and signed Cuban LHP Aroldis Chapman to a 5-year deal. By now, the scouting report on Chapman is pretty well known, but here's a refresher. Fastball in the high 90's that touched the low 100's in the WBC last year, and a decent slider. The knock on him at the moment is control problems, but he is a very raw talent that will probably need some seasoning in the minors before coming up to Cincinnati and succeeding.

We've already started the prospect rankings for this year, but this poll is pretty simple. Based on our current list of Frazier, Alonso, Leake, and Heisey, where would you put Aroldis Chapman on our list of the Reds best prospects?

Aroldis Chapman, LHSP:

Baseball America rank: NR
2009 RR CPR rank: NR
Age: 22
Draft/Acquisition Details: Signed in 2010 out of Cuba

Highest Level Played: Cuban National Series (Holguín)

2009 Statistics:
Holguín (CNS): 22 GS, 11-4, 4.03 ERA, 118.1 IP, 130 K, 62 BB
Cuba (WBC): 2 GS, 0-1, 5.68 ERA, 6.1 IP, 8 K, 4 BB