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Farmers Only: That's All, Folks!

Labor Day means that most of the minor league teams are done for the year, with one still going on and one team in the playoffs.  Let's go over some highlights of the long weekend, and see what's ahead.

  • Louisville closed out their season by winning 3 of thelr last 4.  Highlights included a combined 7-hit game from Todd Frazier and Juan Francisco, a 5-inning shutout relief outing by Lee Tabor, a 9 strikeout start by Ben Jukich, 3-hit games by Jay Bruce and Ryan Hanigan, 7 shutout innings by Sam Lecure, and another 2-hit game by Jay Bruce.  Bruce was 5-for-18 and Hanigan was 7-for-18 on their rehab stints.  Up next: Obviously the big news is that the Bats are the sole team in the Reds organization to make their playoffs this year.  They'll take on the Durham Bulls (TB) in a 5-game series, starting Wednesday in Durham.  They'll play at least one game in Louisville on Friday night, so if you're so inclined, come on down and see a playoff game.  Slyde and I will be there, so come say hello.
  • Carolina also won 3 of their final 4, but finished 11 games back in their division at 28-42 in the second half.  Some highlights of their weekend: 2 hits and a homer by Yonder Alonso, a 3-for-3 game from Alonso, and 7 shutout innings by Jerry Gil (!).  Yonder has been hitting .412 over his last 10 games, and is rumored to be joining Louisville for their playoff run.
  • Sarasota finished dead last in their division at 26-43 in the second half, but won 2 of their final 3 games.  Lance Janke had a 1-run, 7 inning outing, Carlos Fisher had a perfect inning of work, Neftali Soto had a 2-hit game, Denis Phipps had a 3-hit game with a HR, Curtis Partch pitched 7 shutout innings, Jordan Wideman had a 3-hit game, and Matt Fairel finished his season with 8 shutout innings.
  • Dayton lost 3 of their last 4 to finish out their year.  Highlights include another good start by Chase Ware, a homer by Josh Fellhauer, and a 3-hit night by Carlos Mendez.  The Dragons finish out the second half at 31-38, 17.5 games out of first.
  • Billings will continue their season until the end of this week. 

As this is the last Farmers Only column of the season, I'd like to thank all you people for putting up with me and reading.  nycredsfan and I have a lot planned for the offseason, and we'll still continue to cover Louisville's playoff run (including live updates from Friday night's game) and finish up the Billings season.  The minor league season really doesn't end.  Next comes the Arizona Fall League!