2009 Fans' Scouting Report


The Reds are currently badly underrepresented in the annual Fan Scouting Report dataset. We currently have had 15 ballots submitted, compared to 55 last year. The only teams with fewer ballots this year are the Pirates (14) and Marlins (12). Even the Royals have 26 ballots, people! The Royals! What is the Fans' Scouting Report? It's the best quantitative, publically-available, skills-based assessment of player fielding ability that is available to the public. It is the best check against objective fielding measures that we have. It is the only stat that explicitly separates arm strength from accuracy, or first step from sprint speed. It is my go-to fielding stat for any player who has played less than a full year in the big leagues (UZR is not particularly reliable before ~2 years of data), and it can be yours too! But we need a good sample of informed opinion to make the scouting data reliable. So please, if you have a few minutes and have watched more than 10 Reds games this season, please click on the link above and provide your assessment of the fielding skills of our Reds. You can rate as many (or few) players as you like, and can omit any skills that you do not feel comfortable evaluating. Remember, do not consider fielding stats when filling out your ballot--this is supposed to be a scouting exercise! Thanks! -j