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Thursday Off Night Open Thread

I had hoped to do a Red Reporter After Dark show tonight, but my schedule is getting in the way.  Alas, we'll just have to settle for the traditional open thread.  Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Based upon what you've seen so far, and assuming these are the only choices, who should be the starting center fielder for the Reds on Opening Day - Willy Taveras, Drew Stubbs, or Chris Dickerson?
  • With the Reds for all intents and purposes out of the race, who are you rooting for to make playoffs this year?  Are you hoping to see any specific players that you'd like to see or is it teams themselves that you are rooting for?
  • Who should be in the Reds 5-man rotation right now (not counting pitchers who are injured)?
  • If you could sign Matt Holliday or trade for J.J. Hardy, but only one or the other, which would you do?  I'll let you determine the terms of the deals that would be acceptable to you.
  • What is the one sporting event in history that wish you could have seen live?  What is the most memorable sporting event you actually attended?
  • Which 9/9/09 release item are you more excited about, Beatles Rock Band or The Machine by Joe Posnanski?

If you are watching the Bengals game tonight, might I suggest giving some love to Kirkendall, jsl413, and the rest of their crew at Cincy Jungle?