Burger Recap, Two For One Edition

It's been a long time, I shouldn'ta left you.....without a burger recap to step to. Here we go.


Two weeks ago, the RR Burger Bretheren met up at Gordo's in Norwood. Hard to find and a little place, none of us had been and no one knew that we were about to become very happy. Mads showed up late as usual, and snohio dragged his happy butt out to see us, good times.I can't complain about the place other than it was a little hot in there (but I sat in front of a big fan so I didn't care) and their TV remotes can be a complete bitch to work.


On to the food - I had the Hawaiian burger (cheese/cucumber/pineapple/lettuce/tomato/some kind of sauce) and it was delightful. Seen here:



Ash and snohio had the Gordo Burger, and were really excited about it:




'tHan and obc had the Jean-Robert burger, complete with grape compote. Here's a pic of the burger in front of two people with bad taste in college basketball teams:



BK only eats Soul Burgers, so he got that. Pic:



I don't remember what Mads and Slyde got, but here's a pic of Slyde's burger being demolished:



We all agreed that Gordo's makes a damned fine burger. I personally grade it just behind Terry's, possibly overtaking it on a good day.



As for last night.....train wreck. I was first to arrive at Terry's and was greeted by approximately 20-25 people standing outside waiting. 'tHan & BK showed up (at the same time, hhhmmmm. Is love in the air?) and we investigated the situation. We found that there would be a 45 minute wait to be seated and our food order may take a little longer since there was a party of fifteen being seated before us. Terry's isn't known for quickness as it is, so we made the executive decision to head over to Allyn's Cafe. After rounding everyone up and getting them in the same place, we had a good time as always. Ash was in a mood when she got there but cheered up when I sat next to her, obc was argumentative all night, BK was mostly quiet, and 'tHan was all kinds of saucy for some reason. Allyn's has a VERY nice beer selection, even if they don't keep a lot of it in stock.


Everyone got burgers except for 'tHan who ordered from the kid's menu, deciding on popcorn shrimp. I didn't pay attention to what everyone else got, but I got pepper jack cheese and bacon on mine. The burger was kind of meh but it and a cup of gumbo filled me up nicely.


A highlight of the night was when a patron across from us gave me a bad look because I called obc "a fucking idiot" louder than he would have liked. My thought on this is if you're bringing your six month old baby into the BAR section, you shouldn't expect a quiet and classy meal. Just sayin'. I liked the sign on the exit door so I took a pic:


After Allyn's we walked across the street to Tostada's and hung for a little bit. I wasted $3 on the jukebox because I didn't realize there was a "DJ", obc was even more antagonistic to me and Ash and 'than(I think he's scared of BK), and 'tHan drank not one but TWO Bürger beers. The umlaut makes it classy. Good times continued, and I even got all licky with obc:


The only bad part of the night was when 'tHan pulled out his wallet and I saw this garbage:



Your retarded 'tHan.


Next burger stop needs to be Thursday, September 17th so Mads can make it.

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