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Red Reposter - Joey Votto Defies All Superlatives

  • Joey Votto is your NL Player of the Week
    Vottomatic for the People hit 10 doubles in 5 games, a feat that has not been accomplished since "Big Poison" Paul Waner did it 77 years ago. In the last two weeks, Votto has raised his OPS by 59 points. You know he's butter 'cause he's on a roll!

  • Bronson Arroyo has been a monster in the 2nd half of this season
    Dude has been throwing some serious rocks. He's thrown at least 7 innings and given up 3 or fewer runs in each of his last 11 starts, the best such streak since Chris Carpenter did it back in '05. But that isnt what this is about.  We know Bronson has been great for a while now.  Love the guy.  This isnt about him.  This is about my nomination for Best Dusty Baker Quote of the Year, brought to you by JTM, more of what youre hungry for: This is Dusty talking about Arroyo:  "Everybody thinks he’s Good Time Charlie, which he is.  But he’s also hard working, Hard Working Eddie." For The Win.

  • Walt Jocketty visited the new spring training complex in Goodyear, AZ
    and says, "It's beautiful, absolutely gorgeous...It's spectacular. They really did a great job on it, and everybody loves it." The Fall Instructional League started last week to to break in the facilities. "There are six full practice fields plus two half fields for infield work and an additional grassy space just for agility drills. There are multiple bullpens and covered batting cages. Indoors, the organization built a 43,000 square foot, two-story building and filled it with state-of-the-art amenities and top-end accoutrements for weight lifting, injury rehabilitation and video." It really sounds like they went the extra mile with this place. I never went to Florida to see spring training but I do understand that those who did will be angry that it is now 2,000 miles away. But this place sounds really nice and I think they'll get over it.

  • Carson Cistulli at THT has a game report of the September 19th matchup between the Reds and Marlins
    and after gushing about how OMGZawesomeOMGZ it was to watch the game while house-sitting for Rob Neyer, he gets to the game. He really likes Drew Stubbs, thinks Laynce Nix is a worthless bag, and Drew Sutton or Adam Rosales should be playing SS over Paul Janish. Nothing about Good Time Charlie/Hard Working Eddie though, who threw 8 innings.

  • Baseball America lists their top 20 prospects from the Pioneer League this season
    and Reds Yorman Rodriguez and DD (nee Mariekson) Gregorious show up on the list. Yorman is a really intriguing player, as he was just 16(!!) this season playing in a league with guys 2-4 years older than him. I hadnt even hit puberty yet at that age.  HT to Doug.

  • Erik at Redlegs Rundown is getting screened for brain hemmorages
    and he blames Dusty Baker.