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Game 149 Thread: Marrrrrrlins at Reds

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Florida Marrrrrrrlins
@ Cincinnati Reds

Saturday, Sep 19, 2009, 7:10 PM EDT
Great Amarrrrrrican Ball Parrrrrrk

Ricky Nolasco vs Bronson Arrrrrrrrrrrroyo

Aye, mostly cloudy. Winds blowin' in from left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 70. Aye.

Complete Covarrrrrrage >

2009 - Ricky Nolasco 11-9 5.46 1.32 162 40

2009 - Bronson Arrrrrrrrrrroyo 13-12 4.07 1.32 111 62

Aye, if Bronson Arrrrrrrrrroyo can match his performance in 2 o' his last 3 starts (7 Ip, 1 Er), he'll drop his team leadin' ERA below 4.00 for the first time this season, not bad for a pitcher whose ERA was nearly 6.00 at the start o' July. Aye.

Arrr, the Reds ha'en't had much trouble with Ricky Nolasco in the past. They put up 7 runs on the Marlins in each o' his last two starts , and Adam Dunn and Jeff Keppin'er only had a little bit t' do with that. So, maybe thar is hope. Aye, me parrot concurs. Aye, joey 'ott' has homard off o' Nolasco in the past, and Scott Rolen has 2 doubles in 6 plate appearances. Word is that El Nino Destructor will be gettin' the start at third though, so Rolen's past success doesn't matter much. A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Arrr, the Reds only need t' win their last 14 games t' clinch a winnin' record. It'll be amazin' t' watch them do it, don't you think? Aye.