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How valuable has the Reds' fielding been?

Fiddling with fielding stats on a Saturday morning...

Here are some different ways to measure the Reds' team fielding this year:

Stat Data Comments
bUZR +43 runs 2nd in NL
DER 0.706 3rd in NL
THT "Fld" +44 plays 3rd in NL; ~35 runs equivalent
xRR +73 runs 1st in NL;
ERA-FIP -0.38 1st in NL; ~60 run equivalent
BtB PwrRnk +49 runs 1st in NL; "my" stat is based on bUZR, THT Field, and catcher fielding

If one of the front office's major goals heading into this season was to improve the team's fielding, they seem to have succeeded: the Reds are clearly one of the best fielding teams in the league. 

How much does it matter?  Let's run with a figure of +50 runs this season, which is where I have the Reds in the BtB Power Rankings, and is a rough average of all the other run estimates.  Add that to the average of ~40 runs below average that Reds teams have been from 2004-2008 (by bUZR), and you have a total of a 90 run improvement in fielding this year compared to the 2004-2008 teams.  In the current NL run environment, that's roughly a 10-win improvement compared to the 2004-2008 teams!

Of course, the counter to this is that the Reds were roughly an average-hitting team over the entirety of the 2004-2008 span (+65 in 2005, -72 in 2008, roughly average in other years, according to FanGraphs), and are now on pace to be ~125 runs below average by the season's end (~14 wins). 

So, their 10-win improvement in fielding is countered by a 14-win decline in hitting.  ::sigh::