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Red Reposter - Aaron Harang is a lowdown dirty no-good two-faced yellow-bellied heartless so-and-so

  • Aaron Harang was caught yesterday selfishly padding his bid for the Roberto Clemente Award
    That shameless weasel bought a luxury golf cart for the clubhouse crew. "I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while," said Harang. "These guys do so much for me and for the other players. They don’t have their own cart," he added. "Whenever they need to take us out to the bullpen or haul stuff around, they had to go hunting for a golf cart and borrow it."

  • Matt Maloney earned his first career W last night
    "That was awesome," said Maloney. "Got the beer shower and the game scorecard. My finger was sore, but I was able to get through it and keep the ball down." He didnt throw his cutter, which is what caused the blister on his middle finger. I'm impressed by the variety of pitches he can throw, and throw them with great accuracy.

  • Jonny Gomes is Babe Ruth
    On Hal McCoy Night Wednesday, Gomes promised Hal that he would hit a home run for him. Of course he did, his 20th of the year. So yesterday, he presented Hal with the bat, marked with his signature. I want Gomes to be a Red next year so the team will have a better chance at winning, but I think I need Gomes to be on the team next year as well, to have such a good guy to root for.

  • Marc Hulet at FanGraphs takes a look at 3B for the 2010 Reds
    Of course, Scott Rolen is the man, due to his contract and the steep price they paid for him. But Hulet wants to look ahead to 2011 when presumably Juan Francisco (roar) or Todd Frazier will be ready to take over. Hulet is understandably concerned about his walk rate and defense, and says Frazier is the better all-around player due to his contact rate, gap power, and defensive versatility. He says Frazier is the safe and better bet, which to me means we'll see Francisco at the hot corner if the Reds' plan A (sign Rolen to a long-term extension) falls through.

  • Micah Owings says he's ready to see game action again
    He was hit in the head by a pitch on Sept 6. He has a busted eardrum that has yet to fully heal, and likely wont for another month or so. He cant hear well out of the ear, but he says he thinks he's ready to get back at it. He threw a side session and took batting practice yesterday, then sat in the bullpen for the game.

  • Reds asst. GM Bob Miller had another chat with the fans yesterday
    Here are some highlights:
    ChangeUp: Jonny Gomes seems to really enjoy being a Red and is really showing he can come through in clutch situations. Would you say there is a good chance he will be a Red next season?
    Miller: I hope so. He's had a good year. Hopefully we can come to an agreement that makes both sides happy.
    batsfan09: Enerio Del Rosario has had a great season as a relief pitcher in the Minor Leagues. Do you think he could be a part of next year's bullpen? Could he possibly be a starter next year with Louisville, as he has been in previous years?
    Miller: I think Del Rosario and Logan Ondrusek will both be knocking on the door to pitch in the Majors next year. Both of them had outstanding seasons.
    punksroo: Which Minor League prospects are we likely to see this Spring?
    Miller: Travis Wood, Del Rosario, Ondrusek, Yonder Alonso, Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Chris Valaika, Chris Heisey, etc.
    jroll1979: Any chance the Reds go after Orlando Hudson?
    Miller: He's going to make big money and we already have Brandon Phillips.

  • Doug Gray continues his series of season reviews
    this time taking a look at the Sarasota Reds, one of the worst teams in minor league baseball this year. Devin Mesoraco led the team in OPS (min. of 300 PAs) with a paltry .734. His top prospects were Yonder Alonso (who hit .303/.383/.497 over 201 PAs in an extreme pitcher's league) and Zach Stewart, who was traded. So instead of Stewart he went with Matt Klinker.

  • Banana Bob's fist continues to tighten around this team
    He's even trying to monopolize the concessions.