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Is There A Reasonable Comp for Juan Francisco?

Does anybody ROAR like El Nino Destructor?
Does anybody ROAR like El Nino Destructor?

Justin from Basement Dwellers has been trying to find a reasonable comparison to Juan Francisco via Twitter.  He's received some suggestions but hasn't quite been able to lock in on a name just yet.  The thing is that it looks like, based on his minor league numbers, Francisco is a truly unique player to make it to the Majors.  That's probably overstating it a bit, but I have yet to find a player who walks less than 4% of the time while striking out over 20% in the minors who still makes it to the big leagues.  They're not outrageous ratios to have in the big leagues, but typically players who have those sorts of rates in the majors performed much better in the minors.

So, the task for you is to try to come up with a reasonable comp for Juan Francisco.  We're just looking at offensive numbers here, but we're trying to find players with seriously low walk rates, high strikeout rates, and good power.  Here are some of the names that have been suggested so far with their minor and major league rates:

Potential Comparison Players for Juan Francisco
Minors Majors
Player BB% K% SLG BB% K% SLG
Juan Francisco 3.8% 23.4% .482 ? ? ?
Wily Mo Pena 6.6% 30.3% .424 6.1% 30.1% .447
Steve Balboni 11.7% 25.4% .519 8.5% 24.9% .451
Jeff Francoeur 5.7% 16.9% .480 4.4% 17.8% .429
Vladimir Guerrero 8.0% 9.6% .585 8.8% 11.1% .570
Alfonso Soriano 6.3% 17.3% .468 5.8% 20.3% .510
Kevin Kouzmanoff 8.5% 14.5% .556 4.8% 19.1% .435
Jay Bruce 8.4% 22.6% .551 8.0% 22.0% .449

Obviously this isn't definitive and every player travels their own path, but I think it's worthwhile to try to find comparable players early in a player's career to see if we can project those players out into the future.  It's good to see that there are 2 or 3 good players on that list who have had good careers, but there is still a tough road ahead of Francisco.  I don't mind the cup of coffee right now, but he still needs to make some serious progress with his plate discipline before I consider him to have a real shot at success in the Majors.