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Red Reposter - 9/1/09

  • Mark it down: today is the day that Brandon Phillips changed from lovable troublemaker
    to certified nutso. JD Martin of the Nationals hit him in the wrist on Aug 15, and BP has vowed to get him back. "J.D. Martin," Phillips said. "You can look at my hat and his name is in there. I write names in my hat and remember who I need to get … Not fighting or nothing, but getting back at that dude. You give some hard look at ‘em, let ‘em know, let ‘em see your name. …" And then back to lovable troublemaker: "It’s just a game. He did what he did to get me out of playing, and he did that. It’s just baseball, man."

  • In case you missed all the roster movement between the games yesterday
    Here's a quick rundown: Johnny Cueto was activated off the DL and Laynce Nix was placed on the DL with a bulging disc in his neck. Ramon Ramirez and Kevin Barker were called up from Louisville and Matt Maloney and Carlos Fisher were sent down. Maloney was sent to Carolina and Fisher was sent to Sarasota, where they will pitch a bit this week before rejoining the Reds in Colorado. This was done because they can be recalled as soon as the AA and A seasons end, instead of waiting the requisite 10 days or when the AAA season ends.

  • The Fay wonders why the Reds didnt change yesterday's festivities to a straight double header
    when they realized by July that no one would show up to a split double header between two last-place teams. And it gives me the opportunity to tell MLB what I think about double headers. They need to start scheduling them from the start. Only two a year, on Memorial Day and Labor Day. These holidays are the unofficial beginning and end of Summer, so why shouldnt the Boys of Summer celebrate in style? I know the player's union hates double headers (and they have every legitimate reason), but scheduling Baseball Holidays would be a boon for the game, in my opinion. And the All-Star Game should be played on July 4th. That one is a no-brainer.

  • Chad at RLN echoes the sentiment that Dick Pole is worthless
    pointing to the episode of Homer Bailey quickly turning his velocity up by talking with a coach from UTexas for just a few minutes, the special consultation that Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto receive from Mario Soto, and the general suckitude of everything Red the past few years. I was surprised this past offseason when Pole and Brook Jacoby were retained, but that was back when I was young and naive. I wouldnt be surprised at all if they are both around for next season.

  • CTR has an update on Jay Bruce
    He hit off a pitching machine yesterday and is scheduled to take live batting practice today. If you havent checked out yet, give it a look-see. It's really nice to have another local outlet for sports news, especially since Hall o' Famer Hal is on his way out.

  • Jon Heyman says the Reds are one of the biggest disappointments of the season
    Here's what he has to say: "Can a team underachieve year after year? The Reds sure make it look possible. At some point, of course, we'd have to question whether their individual talent is as good as everyone thinks. And we're getting to that point with the Reds, a perennial disappointment. Offensively, they have been downright inept, with a major-league low 527 runs and .695 OPS, despite playing in a hitters' paradise. Injuries have been part of their yearly story, as well, and this season was no different, as Edwin (this guy follows baseball for the living, right?) Volquez, Johnny Cueto, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Aaron Harang all missed significant time. Dusty Baker's star has to be dulling by now, no?"

  • You have until Wednesday to vote for this year's inductees to the Reds HOF
  • This makes me want to puke
    puke all over the place.