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The Reds Need to Honor Hal McCoy With His Own Day at GABP


For 37 years, Hal McCoy has brought news of the Cincinnati Reds to the readers in Dayton and the surrounding areas.  That run of 37 fantastic years that included winning the 2002 J.G. TAYLOR SPINK AWARD from the Baseball Hall of Fame is coming to an end at the end of this season.  Budgetary cuts have caused the Dayton Daily News to change the way they cover the Cincinnati Reds starting next season, and the biggest change is that they will no longer employ the Hall of Famer to cover the team on a daily basis.

I know the media world is changing.  Heck, there are some who think bloggers are the future of news reporting, but the fact is that many of us bloggers would be lost without the likes of Hal McCoy.  Going out to follow the team on a daily basis would mean leaving my parent's basement, and frankly I'm not so sure my pale skin could handle the exposure to sunlight.  The fact is, we still get our news from the beat writers, and now the Reds are only going to have John Fay and Mark Sheldon next season giving us that news - and to be honest, the Cincinnati Enquirer ain't exactly printing money right now either.  Losing McCoy is a blow to not just the industry, but to fans of the Reds in general.

And this is why the Reds should honor McCoy with his own day at the park.  The man has spent over half of his life following this team around from coast-to-coast and writing their story.  While he claims he was "doing a job that wasn’t a job," he still did a damn fine job at his non-job.  For many people, McCoy is as much of a icon of Cincinnati baseball as Marty Brennaman.  I don't imagine for a second that Marty would retire without his own special day at the park.  I sure hope the Reds give McCoy that same type of send off.  He deserves it.