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Red Reporter is Back On Air Tonight at 9:30 ET

After a dubious first attempt at crossing over into a new medium last week, Red Reporter is once again going to give a shot at this talk show thing.  Join us tonight with your questions and comments about the Cincinnati Reds or whatever is on your mind.  The show will start right around 9:30 PM ET and will take place using TalkShoe again.  If you want to join the conversation, you can reach us via the TalkShoe software, available here, or you can call into the show and listen that way at (724) 444-7444 with the show code as 58957.  The call is toll free, though minutes will be used for cell plans and such.  If you want to listen, but only want to make your views known via text, or not at all, you can join the conversation via the link above without actually having to talk.

I hope you'll join us.  Hopefully we won't suck too much this week, but we're still learning to do this.  It feels a bit too much like being out of the basement though.

Tonight's topics:

  • Winning, boy that sure beats losing.
  • Minor League update.
  • What will the 2010 rotation look like?
  • Preview of the Giants series.
  • If you could see one make believe concert, who would it be?

Plus, we'll take your questions about whatever is on your mind.