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Red Reposter - 8/5/09

  • The One and Only Fay sat down with Walt Jocketty and asked him a few questions.
    Like, "OMGWTF?" and "R U 4 SRSLY?" Here are some of the highlights: "The reason we moved (Todd) Frazier (to 2B) – we probably should have done it earlier – was with (Juan) Francisco at third and (Zack) Cozart at shortstop, we wanted to see if (Frazier) could play second...It wasn’t done with idea of moving Brandon. That doesn’t mean that won’t happen. But it’s never been discussed."

    Jocko also says we got more $$ in the Rolen deal than was originally reported. While I still think it's a bonehead move, if the BJays are paying more of his contract then that makes it a bit more tolerable. When asked about Drew Stubbs, Jocko said jokingly, "He’ll be here before the end of the year."  I'm not sure what's so funny about this though.

  • Johnny Cueto walked over to Aaron Harang last night and said, "I know how you feel man"
    "We're not scoring too many runs, and I need to be perfect on every pitch," Cueto said through Reds bullpen coach Juan Enrique Lopez. "Every time I make a mistake, I pay the consequences. Maybe I'm trying to do too much. We're running into bad luck as a team."

  • This Scott Rolen guy has a sense of humor
    "I had a CAT scan yesterday. It said I had almost the size of a normal human brain. I was real pleased with that." Rolen is good friends with Jason Marquis, who was the one what who did the plunkin'. Rolen had this to say about Marquis: "I heard that I turned around and kind of pointed to him to let him know I knew he didn't do it on purpose. Yeah, actually, I do remember that. I knew he’d be shaken up about it. I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn’t dead — yet."

  • Thanks to timb116 for this one
    Kevin Goldstein mentioned Drew Stubbs yesterday in his Minor League Update. Subscription required, but basically he just echos everything we've been saying for months now: Willy Taveras is an embarrassment and Stubbs is better than him in every conceivable way.

  • THT also thinks Drew Stubbs is ready for a call up
    You know it will happen, eventually. The part that makes my scalp bleed is that it hasnt already happened.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal asks what you would do to fix the Reds
    my guess is he doesnt read RR regularly, because it's pretty much all we talk about around here, right? He also had this quote from Dusty, who conducted a post-game meeting: "You don’t kick ‘em when they’re down," he said. "There are times (to yell and cuss out the team), but now is not one of those. We’re in this thing together and things are going to change — a good final seven weeks."

  • Dugout Central fills out the lineup card for the NL All-Stink Team
    and our dear old Reds have more representatives than anyone (though their inclusion of Homer Bailey is suspect at best). Both Jocketty and Baker are named as the brain trust of this All-Stink Team, and here's what they have to say regarding them: "They have Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, Francisco Cordero, Aaron Harang, Johnny Cueto and Jay Bruce, yet they are tied for the worst record in the NL Central with Pittsburgh. How does that happen? A complete breakdown in organizational processes. Signing Taveras was a mistake that any halfway-knowledgeable fantasy player could see a mile away. And trading assets for Scott Rolen? Unspeakable perplexity."

  • Jared Burton is headed to Dayton today to start his rehab assignment
    Apparently his childhood asthma has returned. "Inhalants have really helped," he said. "I think that was the biggest thing. My body was weak so it put all the pressure on my arm. I feel better, and my arm feels great."

  • Jonathan Mayo runs down the yet-to-be-signed first round draft picks
    and has this to say about Reds' pick Mike Leake: Leake is the first of those college arms likely waiting to see what (#7 pick of the Braves, Mike) Minor does. This might be one of those 2009 vs. 2008 suggested slot deals, where neither college pitcher wants to be the one who takes the 2009-level bonus.

And this comes from one of our loyal readers:

Rest in Peace, Basket Baby.  These hapless Reds can torment you no longer.