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Red Reposter - 8/4/09

  • Willy Taveras was back in the lineup last night after sitting with a sore wrist
    Read the first line of that article. I curled my nose up when I did. Also, some good news about Chris Dickerson - he's begun taking batting practice and hopes to be ready by the 10th when he's eligible.

  • Jinaz at Basement Dwellers takes a stab at explaining the concept of "surplus value"
    and how it relates to evaluating trades. Enlightening stuff, as usual.

  • It's been discusssed in various threads around here a good bit already
    but for those of you who missed out on that, Asst. GM Bob Miller had one of his fireside chats with the fanbase again yesterday. As usual, he didnt answer any of the tough questions like "why do you people do this to me?" and "why does the team suck so much?", but instead he took swings at such meatballs as "Do you think we should trade Joey Votto for a right-handed power hitter?" and "Is it acceptable to see this team quit?" One decent little nugget of info he did serve up though was this: "The reports on the amount owed Rolen floating around are incorrect. While I'm not at liberty to say what the amount is, we are not responsible for some of it."

  • P-Doc weighs in with his thoughts on the Scott Rolen deal
    and I completely agree with every word he said. It's been a while since I could say that. Here's a snippet - "The Big Man’s paws are all over this one. Look: I love the guy. Bob Castellini’s passion roars all over the ballpark. He wants to do right by the fans. But he’s beyond impatient with wanting to Win Now. Even if it’s just to finish 82-80. It’s starting to hurt his team. It doesn’t help that the lieutenant Castellini brought in to tame the Big Man’s instincts has pretty much gone along for the ride. GM Walt Jocketty blessed the deal entirely."

  • Project Prospect released an updated top 25 prospect list
    and Yonder Alonso comes in at #19. It also says his broken hamate bone will keep him out for the rest of the regular season. So even what little good news we get nowadays is coupled with bad news.

  • Chad at RLN thinks there is a real possibility this team can lose 100 games
    I really doubt that, but 90-95 losses is probably more like it. Either way, it's pretty freakin' far from even the lousy .500 record this team thinks is such an achievement.