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I Am Outraged at _____ For Volquez's Tommy John Surgery

Edinson Volquez had surgery on Monday to repair damage done to his elbow.  It turns out that surgery ended up being of the Tommy John™ brand, with an additional repair done to a damaged flexor tendon.  Volquez is expected to miss 12 months and likely won't be fully healthy until the start of the 2011 season.

Once again, we have proof that (please choose one) Dusty Baker | The World Baseball Classic | Dominican Winter League | Yo Gabba Gabba is bad for pitchers.  It is outrageous that pitchers are expected to (please choose one) throw more than 110 pitches in a game | pitch all year long | wear their hat straight | date Dusty's daughter.  Because of the careless acts of (please choose one) the organization | Major League Baseball | violent video games | President Obama, Volquez is now going to be lost to the Reds for basically the entire 2010 season.  Hopefully this event will help everyone learn a lesson about (please choose one) old school insanity | rushing young pitchers | foreigners | leaving jch24 alone with your wife.  It's ridiculous that this even had to happen!

Now you too can express your hatred for whatever pet subject you think caused Volquez's injury without putting much thought into it.  Just pick your choice from each selection and cut and paste!

Here's the thing.  I've read at least 5 different articles/theories from people, all espousing a different cause for Edinson Volquez's injury.  The most common theories are that we should blame Dusty Baker, or the World Baseball Classic, or the Dominican Winter League.  The problem is that, while all of those are factors, the answer is never so simple as to single out just one thing.  Managing pitcher health is an art form more than a science.  There has yet to be a clear cut theory as to how much work a pitcher can handle, and throwing one specific topic out there as the true cause of the injury is plain foolish.  Nothing is learned about the process as a whole by placing the blame in just one spot.

Personally, I blame Volquez himself for the injury.  He's the only common link through all of these things.  And I am furious about it!!!!