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Red Reposter - 8/28/09

  • Did you know Bronson Arroyo has been the best pitcher in the majors the past month?
    Yeah, it's a small sample size, but I bet there are a number of teams out there that wish they had ponied up the cash and a middle prospect to get him for their playoff run. That's fine though, I'm happy to have him.

  • Speaking of Goodroyo
    Take a look at this. He wants to stay in Cincy and go to the playoffs next season. That's a good thing. I wouldnt want him to say otherwise, of course. But then he says, "Let’s see if we can get into the playoffs, man. We’ve been trying since I got here in 2006, and I would like to give it one more try," Arroyo said. "The thing is, if you really look at it, I’m the only guy on this team that has taken the ball every time, every turn, and I’ve never been on the disabled list. If you really want to win, you have to have that consistency in your rotation. So to me, there is no reason to pick up Scott Rolen if you are going to ditch me," he said. I am so glad that he's our pitcher and not our GM.

  • Just as we expected
    The Reds are trying to keep the Louisville team intact until their playoff run is over. And Jocketty is confident that Mike Leake will pitch in the AFL. He says the rosters were set before he was signed, but doesnt the same apply to Steven Strasburg? Sounds weird.

  • Matt Maloney will come up from AAA to pitch for the Reds tomorrow
    which seems a bit strange to me. I thought we were trying to keep the Bats together for their playoff run? And what's so wrong about Micah Owings getting the start? I'm so tired of being constantly confused by this team's course of action.

  • Scott Rolen is feeling physically better after his concussion
    but in the batter's box he's still trying to get his timing down. "His stroke is getting better and better every day. His timing is getting better," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. Probably not cool to talk about a concussion victim's "stroke", but Dusty Baker has always been his own man.

  • THT takes a look back at the SI MLB season preview to the '07 season
    They had a feature on the young players who would be making an impact in the near future, and if you remember, Ol' Hoss Homer Bailey featured prominently. 'Course, things havent turned out as well as we'd hoped for him. They suggest a move to the 'pen, like the Yankees did with Phil Hughes. Because Homer will be out of options next season and he cant seem to master an offspeed pitch, I think the move could be good for him.

  • And so begins the end to Drew Stubbs' once-promising baseball career
    Asked if Stubbs might be trying too hard to make an impression, Baker said, "I don't think so. He is taking too many pitches, taking too many fastballs. That puts you in a strikeout situation. Everybody talks about getting deep into a count, but that's not good for everybody. If you get deep in the count, you have to be a pretty good two-strike hitter."

  • The Rockies DFA'd Matt Murton the other day
    If we didnt already have Wladimir Balentien wallowing on the bench, I'd say he'd be a nice player to have wallowing on the bench.