CTR interviews Ken Griffey Jr. about the past, present and future


If you haven't heard, C Trent Rosecrans and a couple of others are starting a new website for independent sports journalism in Cincinnati. It's called, and honestly, I think it's an excellent idea that will hopefully bring us additional outlets of Reds news beyond what the Enquirer and will provide. One of the first things on the site is an interview with Ken Griffey Jr that is enlightening, funny, and a tad bit snarky. Definitely worth the read. Here's a small excerpt: CTR: It's funny, some people said that about you in Cincinnati KG: That I was the divider? Yeah. What can I possibly divide? I'm the one trying to get everyone to hang out and go play golf and things like that and be a team. The funny thing is, have you heard a player say something bad about me? CTR: Only one... KG: Who? CTR: Brandon Phillips... KG: He said something about me? CTR: Two years ago in Milwaukee, when he said the thing about not wanting to be known as someone who didn't run hard all the time "like other people on this team." KG: Well, it's a little different. I think he understands now better than anybody that it takes a lot to be the man of the team.