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Red Reposter - 8/17/09

  • The consensus seems to be that Johnny Cueto will be put on the shelf once Micah Owings comes back this week
    Here's what Dusty Baker said about it: "Some things you don’t want to do you have to do," said Baker about adding Owings and skipping Cueto. "The kid (Cueto) doesn’t feel anything. But this is what Dickie (Pole) was afraid of earlier. He was playing winter ball and the WBC, so was he going to run out of gas in the middle of August or will his arm be tight. It doesn’t hurt and he has his velocity, but sometimes when you’re tired you can maintain velocity, but you lose control and command."

  • Here's one line that completely and totally encapsulates the Reds '09 season
    "I threw the ball all right," Lehr said. "There’s a couple pitches I’d like back. But I gave them a chance to win."

  • Hall o' Famer Hal took questions from the peanut gallery
    and was asked if he could pretty please ask Dusty why he keeps batting Taveras in the lead-off spot. Hal's reply: "Baker has been asked innumerable times and he says, "Because he is my leadoff hitter." Since you don’t care, though, you probably haven’t noticed that recently the Reds leadoff hitter bats left-handed and throws left-handed and that isn’t Taveras. It’s Chris Dickerson." I know Hal is just as exasperated by Dusty and Taveras as we are, but Dickerson hitting lead-off instead of Taveras isnt really the issue. Taveras playing at all is the real problem, when guys like Jonny Gomes and Wladimir Balentin are sitting in favor of him. That's the real question Dusty needs to be ask.

  • No real updates yet on Brandon Phillips' hand
    but X-rays were negative and I'd imagine he'll sit for almost a week without a roster move. Not that it matters anymore.

  • THT is running down the biggest 2nd-half flops in baseball history
    and a few of your favorite Reds of yore show up on the list. I'll let you click through to read about it, but Eric Davis in '87 was something very, very special. Check out his line for the first half of the season. Now rub your eyes and check it again. And who wouldnt kill to have a guy on this year's team hit like he did in his flop of a 2nd half?

  • Erik Bedard just had surgery to repair his torn labrum
    and he likely wont pitch again until Edinson Volquez does. Personally, I count this as Wayne Krivsky's finest moment. The O's reportedly wanted a package of Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, and Johnny Cueto, or something very similar to that, in return for Bedard before the '08 season. Bedard started 30 games in his two seasons in Seattle, throwing 164 innings. And now Bill Bavasi works for the Reds.

  • I love this kind of stuff
    Tyler Kepner at the NYT tells the story of how the Mariners almost drafted Mike Harkey over Ken Griffey Jr back in '87. The Pirates picked second that year and presumably would have taken The Kid. I can say with a good measure of confidence that if this had happened, with them fielding a lineup with both Bonds and Jr, I would have grown up a Pirates fan instead of a Reds fan.