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Red Reposter - 8/15/09

  • Yesterday was Jonny Gomes Day at the ol' ball orchard
    His 3 home runs punctuated the best game the Reds have played this season in this humble blogger's eyes. "It was emotional for me," Gomes said. "Let’s not forget, I was in Triple-A when we started this thing off."

  • Bronson Arroyo will likely be called into the principal's office for his comments yesterday
    MLB wants to sit him down and talk to him about what supplements are approved and such. He cant really be disciplined, as he didnt really do anything wrong, but they will probably try to coerce him to not talk so openly about this stuff. Personally, I think he did a service to MLB. The sanctimonious sports writers have controlled the conversation for too long, and it's refreshing to hear a player get on his soap box for once.

  • I think Aaron Harang understands the profound ubsurdity of the Win stat in baseball
    "You're going to have your ups and downs," Harang said. "I could go out and throw like crap and get 10 runs scored for me and still win, and then throw awesome and have no runs scored for me and lose, 2-1. I think the biggest thing is to go out there and keep us in the game."

  • Edinson Volquez thinks he might be ready to pitch sometime next season
    TJ surgery usually means 12 months before returning to the majors, but Volquez says he may be ready to go in May or June. "They told me most guys who have Tommy John can't straighten their arms for a long time, but I can straighten it right now," he said. "And no more swelling and they took the stitches out (Wednesday)." He watched his surgery on a DVD that Dr Kremchek made for him and wasnt amused.

    "That's crazy stuff, first time I've seen something like that," he said. "I wanted to see what they did to me. Unbelievable when they pulled that tendon out of my knee. They just pull it out. I was mad when I saw that on the video. I wanted to grab a knife and go back to the clinic and show Dr. Kremchek how to do it on him, do it exactly to him what he did to me." Or maybe he would just get Maceo to go down there and scare the bejeezus out of them.

  • FanGraphs runs down the list of the best rookie pitchers in the NL this year
    and oddly enough, Edinson Volquez got two 2nd place votes.

  • Brendan Roberts at ESPN thinks the Reds have a few good young infielders on their hands
    He has a fantasy-centric bent, but he thinks Drew Sutton and Juan Francisco could be something someday. Here's what he says about Sutton: "This great all-around player hasn't been as impressive this season, but he hit .317-20-69 in Double-A in 2008, with 39 doubles and 20 steals. With Jerry Hairston Jr. gone, Sutton is the team's top utility player. If he can garner a starting job, look out." Sutton hasnt gotten any real steady playing time this summer, but I still have my doubts about the kind of player he would be if he did. His minor league numbers point to him being a decent major-league 2nd baseman, but unless the Reds move Brandon Phillips to SS that aint gonna work.

    Roberts also likes what he sees from Juan Francisco: "Adam Rosales will man third base with Scott Rolen out, but Francisco is the future at the position. Francisco has been hot at Double-A and now has 22 homers and 74 RBIs in 106 games. The only problem: His defense. Like recent examples Ryan Braun, Mat Gamel and Jake Fox, the Reds aren't sure he can stick at third base, although they've left him there for now. I wouldn't be surprised if they call him up in September and see how he does." I like how he thinks Francisco's only problem is his defense. He still doesnt get on base nearly enough, though he has improved a bit in that department. I would be very surprised if the Reds bring him up this September because he's still really raw.