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Red Reposter - 8/13/09

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  • Hat tip to BubbaFan for the FanShot on this one
    But daaayyyuummm, Bronson is such a rebel. Here's some of the best parts:

    "Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo reaches into his locker, pulls down a clear cellophane bag and slowly opens it. He shakes out the contents like a kid on Halloween night. There are different-colored pills, powders, liquids, proteins, caffeine concentrates and ginseng, products such as creatine, Triflex and xelR8 found at local vitamin stores. Most of the products have not been approved by Major League Baseball for use by players, Arroyo says. Some of the items have the potential to trigger a positive test under baseball's performance-enhancing drug policy. Arroyo takes them anyway."

    "People can think what they want of me," he says. "I don't give a f—-."

    "That stuff's (amphetimines) like bubblegum compared to steroids," he says. "You're playing (night games) in L.A., you fly across the country, and you're pitching a day game at Wrigley (Field in Chicago). You telling me you don't want something to wake you up? You have half this country, maybe more, that can't function without a cup of coffee."

    "It might be dangerous," he says, "but so is drinking and driving. And how many of us do it at least once a year? Pretty much everybody."

    I agree with pretty much everything Bronson says (aside from the drinking and driving stuff.  Ho-Lee Shit.), but the only thing I want to say about this is why didnt the local writers get all this? Bob Nightengale comes to the Cards-Reds series for a few days and he gets some of the most insightful, eye-opening stuff any ballplayer has ever said publicly regarding PEDs. This is seriously one of the most interesting articles I've read all year.  Wow.

  • Updates from Hall o' Famer Hal
    Homer Bailey got hit in the foot by an Albert Pujols laser last night and got a bruise. X-rays were negative, but he'll be looked at again today. Add another name to the injured list. Hal agrees with most RRs that the Reds should go after JJ Hardy. He says Alex Gonzalez is as good as gone and Walt "already has made the phone call." Hal also thinks Bronson Arroyo, his pills, and Aaron Harang are not going anywhere. Francisco Cordero though is as good as gone if someone asks.

  • Mark Sheldon says Alex Gonzalez is really coming on of late
    I hardly think an 11-32 August constitutes "coming on", but sure, whatever. Gonzo, just like Ramon, is playing for his contract option to be picked up. The Reds hold a $6 mil option for next season. Like Hal said, I think I have a better chance of sleeping with Jennifer Connelly and my wife being ok with it than Gonzo getting that option picked up. Regardless of his August, he has only played in 177 games in his 3 seasons here in Cincy with an OPS around .700.

  • Slyde answered some questions about the Reds for The Nats Blog
  • More from Hal
    He thinks Ryan Hanigan really needs to step it up this last month-and-a-half of the season. He's been in a major slump since Ramon Hernandez had knee surgery. If Hanigan cant prove he's worthy of the starting job, the Reds may have a big decision to make regarding Ramon's option. I dont think they are THAT desperate, as $8.5 mil is waaay too much for Hernandez. But I'd say it's possible they bring him back on a re-negotiated pay cut. How much would you be willing to pay Hernandez if we need him back? $2 mil? $5 mil?

  • Remember this winter when the idea was floated to trade for Magglio Ordonez?
    Now the Tigers are a in bind, because Maggs has been awful this year (.661 OPS) and needs only 90 more PAs to kick in his $18 mil option for next season. They've been trying to cut down on his playing time, platooning him with the likes of Clete Thomas and Marcus Thames, but neither of them are any good either. The big problem is that they cant just sit him in favor of a lesser player, as Maggs would obviously call foul and the Tigers would get in some serious hot water. I'm glad it's not us.

  • Doug at RML links us to a few bits of news from the minors
    Ezequiel Infante won the MWL pitcher of the week award last week, and Juan Francisco was hitter of the week in the Southern League.

  • Sobering news for BubbaFan (she's getting a lot of ink in the Reposter today, huh?)
    Paul Janish is getting married to his girlfriend Maria this winter.