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Red Reposter - 8/11/09

  • Johnny Cueto was feeling ok last night after the game
    He was pulled after the 2nd inning with a sore hip flexor. "It was tight and hurt me some in the first inning," said Cueto. "It was a little tight when I started the game. I think I'll be all right. It isn't bothering me now." They'll check him again today and hopefully they wont screw it up.

  • Scott Rolen regrets how it all went down in Saint Louie
    "The regret is that it ended here," he said on Monday afternoon. "But things do happen and circumstances do change. That [the trade] is what needed to happen. That's the way it played out. That is what happened. I would love to say that I don't even think about the past, that you don't long for that from time to time. But I'm not that strong of an individual. I do. But at the same time, I know that that's what needed to happen." He's been with the Reds for less than two weeks and he already wants to go back to the Cards? Pshhh!

  • The Reds and Mike Leake are still a ways apart in contract negotiations
    Walt Jocketty blames the Braves. They signed their top pick (#7 overall) Mike Minor to a $2.42 mil bonus and consequently Leake wants something similar. Sounds reasonable, but that number is considerably above slot. Jocketty says "We've moved considerably and they haven't moved at all. We're still far apart." I'm not worried about it yet, as there is still about a week left to sign him. Remember how Yonder Alonso threatened to play independent ball last season?

  • Jared Burton is back off the DL
    and he got Albert Pujols to pop out with the bases loaded last night, marking the first time in 12 years someone got Pujols out with the bases loaded. Chris Dickerson is also ready to come off the DL, but for some reason he has to wait until today. Who do you think will be sent down for him? It'll probably be Drew Sutton sent down or Scott Rolen being placed on the DL, but I would argue that it should be Willy Taveras. In case you hadnt heard, he's been kinda awful this year.

  • And now it's time for the daily "roll your eyes at something Dusty said" post
    "He's a guy (Ramon Hernandez) people don't realize his value until he's gone," Baker added. "You see he is hitting .250, but he is our best clutch guy, the best with runners in scoring position and two outs." Hernandez is on a one-year deal and Baker figures Hernandez will be back by September, "To impress somebody, hopefully us. He's already made an impression on us."

  • Jinaz asks "Why do we bother trying to judge trades as they happen?"
    I am of the belief that trades can ONLY be judged as they happen. Players have certain values in the marketplace and it is up to the GM to assess the value correctly and make shrewd trades based on other GMs assessing that value incorrectly. As Justin points out, trying to judge a trade after the fact is riddled with question marks. Players can get hurt, lucky, or fall apart. But that isnt really the GMs fault.