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Red Reposter - 8/10/09

  • Aaron Harang got his first victory since May yesterday
    "Boy, it’s been a long time for Aaron. It feels great for him," Baker said. "Sometimes when you don’t have a victory for a long time, you wonder, ‘Am I every going to win again?’ " Harang's last win came on May 25 against Houston, and I traded for him in my fantasy league on May 26.

  • RedReporter heartthrob Joey Votto has been mired in a 0-14 slump
    striking out 7 times in that span. "He's missing pitches he normally puts into play," Baker said. "It happens to everybody. I don't care who you are; you're going to go some period of time [like this]." Luckily, Brandon Phillips has picked up the slack while Votto is taking his nap, going 4-12 in his last 14 PAs with 2 2B, a homer, and 2 walks, striking out only once.

  • The Fay thinks the Reds need to consider trading Aaron Harang now
    His past two starts have been great, and it should have quelled most of the anxiety over whether he's lost it or not. I dont agree with his logic though. He says, "I like Harang. I think he can be good again. But I think the Reds have to consider moving him if they can. He'll make $12.5 million next year and has a $2 million buyout for 2011. This team plenty of holes to fills. With $14.5 million more in the 2010 budget, you can do a lot more on the free agent market."

    I agree the team has a lot of holes, but the $$ you would save if you moved Harang likely would not go as far as you would want it to. We're all familiar with the FA market this off-season, and there arent many desirable names out there in the OF and at SS, unless Johnny Damon and Orlando Cabrera get your blood going. And if you move Harang, you'll have to fill a rotation spot as well. And let's not forget the spot opened up by Edinson Volquez's injury. I think even for the money we are paying him, which is admittedly considerable, Harang is probably the most economical use of that money.  Unless some team offers a legit prospect who is ready for the majors, I think we need to keep him.

  • In case you hadnt heard
    Scott Rolen does have a concussion. The way this team has mishandled injuries to its most important players this year (Votto, Volquez, and now Rolen, not to mention Gonzo and Taveras) has been unspeakably ridiculous. Why cant they get these things right the first time? Maybe it's just a streak of bad luck on the diagnostic front and we are just rattling our sabrs with confirmation bias, but man it's frustrating. Just put him on the DL already.

  • I cant remember if we discussed this or not
    but I'll put it here anyway. Juan Francisco, the Child Destroyer, made the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet on Friday. Here's what they said about him:

    Usually, Double-A is the level where a power hitter with a free-swinging tendency finds his old approach no longer works. Just ask Greg Halman. But Francisco has managed to hold his own in the Southern League, despite his tendency to start swing at pitches when he's standing in the on-deck circle. He leads the league with 22 home runs and is hitting .341/.386/.659 since the all-star break. Francisco has walked only 19 times in 408 at-bats (4.5 percent of plate appearances), but that's actually the best walk rate of his career, and he's cut his strikeout rate as well. He's very unlikely to stick at third base long-term thanks to his size and a newfound problem with errors (his 35 this year gives him an ugly .863 fielding percentage), but his raw power is as impressive as anyone in the minors not named Mike Stanton.