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Call for Headcount: Booze, Brews, and Boos for Brew Crew

I know not everybody has been following along with the FanPost that I set up, so I wanted to make sure I put this somewhere that all interested parties might see it.

Here are the details:

What: Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds
When: Saturday, July 18th
Where: Starting at Bar Louie at 5:30 PM, moving to GABP at 6:15 PM
Why: Edinson Volquez Bobblehead day, plus a big game against a division foe
Who: You, hopefully

What I need to know from you is if you want me to buy tickets for you so that you can sit with the Red Reporter group. Right now, I am planning to buy tickets on Friday, July 10th, so I kind of need your answer soon. If you would like me to pick up a ticket for you, please say so in the comments section. If you plan to fend for yourself, that's cool, we can still meet up and you might even be able to sit with us if the crowd is not too huge.

At this point, I am planning to buy one ticket each for BK, obc2, ash, jch24, chandrathan, farneyismycopilot, Madville, and myself. If you would like a ticket, please make sure I find out about it before Friday.

Also, if you are coming and would like me to buy a ticket for you, please let me know where you'd like to sit by answering the poll. Keep in mind that because it is a bobblehead game, it will likely be difficult to move down to better seats in the park.