What would you give to see the Reds in the playoffs?

OK, so I've been having trouble getting to sleep this past week or so, and in order to amuse myself while tossing around in bed, I've been thinking of mind games to play. Last night at around 2:30, I thought of a Reds related one: Let's say you can guarantee the Reds will make the playoffs in 2010. Once they're there, they have the same 12.5% chance of winning the WS as the other 7 teams, it's not JUST the playoffs. But what elements of your sports fandom would you trade in order to guarantee this occuring?

For example, I would be willing to have ALL of the following occur.

  • Baseball:
    • I'd accept Homer Bailey becoming a bust. He's the Red I'm rooting the hardest for right now, but I'd be willing to accept his failure to pan out.
    • I'd accept a 2-year extension to Dusty's contract.
    • I'd accept Harang having a 20-win season somewhere else. Even Saint Louis.
    • I'd accept a Reds regular having a 50-game substance abuse suspension.
    • I'd accept Lincecum having an HOF-worthy career, irregardless of what happens to Stubbs.
  • Football:
    • I'd accept Ohio State having a Michigan c. 2008 season in 2010. (Note: not 2009, though, I need something to pull me out of this summer stupor).
    • I'd accept becoming an NFL eunuch. That is, I would stop rooting for the Bengals in any way, shape or form, or any other NFL team. By 2012, I'll be the guy watching the 49ers asking if Steve Young still plays for them.
  • Other sports:
    • I'd accept Turkey not making it to the World Cup in 2010.
    • I'd accept the US crashing and burning when they do make it to WC2010.
    • I'd start playing lacrosse again and becoming one of those mouth-breathing lax dudes who watches professional lacrosse (until 2012).

What would you all give up? And try to keep this sports only, just because I would probably be ok with a Nuclear Iran if it meant Reds baseball in October, and I don't like what that says about me as a person.

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