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Red Reposter - 7/23/09

  • Bronson Arroyo seemed a little bitter that he didnt get to stay in to face Manny Ramirez last night
    Ramirez came in to pinch-hit after Arroyo gave up a pair of walks and a single with one out in the 6th. Arroyo was then pulled in favor of Nick Masset in hopes of inducing a ground ball double play to get out of the inning. "I would have liked to have faced him," said Arroyo. "I played with him long enough (on the Boston Red Sox) that I probably have a better insight into his mind than anybody else here. That's Dusty's call, his job, not mine."

  • Walt Jocketty is not coming right out and saying the Reds are sellers
    but it's looking more and more like winning this season is becoming more and more of a pipe dream. "We're not looking for any short-term fixes," Jocketty said. "I think if we do anything, it would probably be closer to the deadline, because that's where these things seem to develop. I'm going to try and do something that's going to improve the club for the long haul."

  • Now that the Reds are sitting shiva for this season
    P-Doc comes out with his annual "baseball is unfair to small-market teams" populist BS rant. I get so tired of this argument. The Reds are out of contention because the money they have is spent poorly (Taveras, Lincoln, Hairston, Cordero, Hernandez), not because they dont have enough of it.

  • Baker says Relax
    Dusty spoke with Micah Owings before his start on Wednesday and told him to calm down on the mound. "He has some of the best bullpens for games, as far as spotting pitches and his location. We were discussing how to take that mind-set and that relaxation across the lines and into games. If you can hit it in the 'pen, you can hit it in games, too,"

    Also in this piece, Edinson Volquez threw 45 pitches on Wednesday and looked an felt good. He'll throw again on Friday and if all goes well he'll head out for a rehab assignment. And Alex Gonzalez will be back with the team on Friday in Chicago.

  • Rob Neyer has noticed Ryan Hanigan
    and hopefully soon enough the rest of the league will. "Does anyone know why it's taken Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan so long to get a real shot in the majors? The guy's got a .383 career on-base percentage in the minors -- including .376 in Triple-A -- and if last night's performance against the Dodgers is any indication, he's got a killer throwing arm. Hanigan turns 29 in a few weeks, and don't be surprised if he's still playing when he's 39." HT to RLN

  • FanGraphs looks at Daniel Ray Herrera with Pitch F/X
    noting he has the most effective change-up among relievers. Basically, Pitch F/X doesnt know what's happening (much like the hitters) when DRH is on the mound.

  • Doug Gray has released a midseason top 10 prospects list
    And the list isnt all that different from his preseason list. The guys you expect to rise (Zach Stewart, Chris Heisey) have jumped to the top of the board. Yonder Alonso remains the best player in the system.