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Red Reposter - 7/21/09

  • Ken Rosenthal says the Reds have pitching depth to offer in trade
    but few teams will want the likes of Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, and Francisco Cordero due to their hefty contracts. He says they are more likely to wait until the winter to move Arroyo. He also says the Reds sent a scout to watch the Angels and Dodgers low-A teams duke it out the other night. Both teams are looking for relief help.

  • Edinson Volquez threw off the mound for the first time since hitting the DL
    and threw 30 pitches at about 67% effort. Said Dick Pole, "He threw with no effort and no distress. I was surprised how well he located after not throwing for so long off a mound."

  • Hall o' Famer Hal tells us about Craig Tatum's first taste of the big leagues
    "...Tatum and pitcher Homer Bailey shared a cab to get from Century City, where the Cincinnati Reds stay, to Dodger Stadium, and when the numbers quit clicking the meter read $60. Tatum figures he can cross the entire state of his native Mississippi in a cab for less than $60. Welcome to the big city — and the big leagues." He seems like a pretty good guy. Congrats on making it Craig.

  • Jared Burton is happy to be back in the big leagues
    He was not at all happy when he was sent down. "The first few days I was a little bitter," Burton said in the visitors' clubhouse at Dodger Stadium. "But being around those guys down there -- they have to have one of the best coaching staffs down there in the game with [manager] Rick Sweet, [pitching coach] Teddy Power and [hitting coach] Smokey Garrett. Being around them and the players, they have fun and win almost every day. I made the best of it and got in a lot of games."

  • FanGraphs has rounded out their list of players with the most trade value
    and I'm confused as to why Joey Votto didnt make their list. Jay Bruce comes in at 26, but Joe Hercules isnt even an honorable mention. I think the most shocking part was that as they were counting down into the top 20 I expected him to be in the next 5 every time he didnt show up. Would you rather have Josh Beckett? Prince Fielder? Robinson Cano? Ben Zobrist? I know I'm asking a partial audience, but...

  • The Pirates offered contract extensions to Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez last week
    and both summarily turned them down without a counteroffer. This led the Pirates to believe that little hope remained to resign the two. But apparently there was some miscommunication and the two are willing to negotiate. It looks like Sanchez is going to meet the requirements for his vesting option (600 PAs gives him $8 mil for next season) but Wilson's option is a club option worth $8 mil as well. I can see trying to renegotiate with Sanchez to try and get a more reasonable number for him, but Wilson is worth little more than the leadership tag. And all of his bellyaching about trading off veterans like Nate McLouth has to be really grating on management.