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Cali is where they put they mack down: Reds lose, let's say.... 9-3.

I'm going to bed, so I'm giving my best guess for the final score.

Joe Nuxhall Honorary Memorial Star of the Game

Andre Ethier.  Ethier went at least 2-3 with a double and a home run, two runs scored and two RBI.

Key Plays

  • Things started off promisingly for the Reds.  Jason Schmidt hadn't pitched in the majors since 2007, and it showed when he gave a long fly ball to Willy Taveras.  It hit the top of the wall, and the review determined that it was a triple, robbing Willy of his second home run of the year.  It became a moot point when Jerry Hairston hit a double.  Joey Votto singled him to third, then got him home with some HAVOC.  Votto stole second, and Russell Martin's errant throw allowed Cherry to score and Votto to advance to third.  Votto scored on Brandon Phillips's fluky fly, and the Reds had a 3-0 lead after one.
  • That proved to be extremely short-lived, when Rafael Furcal led off with a bunt double.  That's right.  A bunt double.  Russell Martin singled, and then after striking out Manny Ramirez on three pitches, Micah Owings gave up back to back doubles to Andre Ethier and Casey Blake to tie the game, and a single James Loney put them ahead to stay.
  • With two outs in the second, Russell Martin singled and Manny homered.  On a night when Willy hits the top of the wall, you knew the balls would be flying.
  • Ethier homered to lead off the top of the fifth.  A triple would have been preferable.
  • Then the Dodgers scored some more and the Reds didn't.  Probably.

Other Notes

  • Ryan Hanigan threw out three baserunners, in three attempts.  Russell Martin (twice) and Casey Blake, you are fools!  Sweet Clyde, laugh derisively at them.
  • Willy Taveras has a seven game hitting streak.
  • Whoops, Joey Votto just scored.  7-4 final score?
  • Mike Lincoln thinks Jason Schmidt's two years off is nothing.
  • Encarnacion drove in another run to make things interesting!  Yay!  But he did it by grounding into a double play.  Never mind.

  • top of the 4th 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
    Cincinnati Reds 3 0 0           5 4 0
    Los Angeles Dodgers 4 2 0             7 7 1

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