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Red Reposter - 7/20/09

  • The Fayplacement reports that Ramon Hernandez will have surgery on his barking knee
    You probably caught this in another thread from yesterday, but I feel it's important enough to repeat it.  He'll like be out 4-6 weeks. Craig Tatum will come up to replace him. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I didnt expect him to be a world-beater when he came over from the Orioles, but I hoped he would be around a league-average player. He's been just a bit better than replacement level so far this season. Of course, that's still much better than the catching we got last year. And Ryan Hanigan has certainly outplayed him so far this year and is obviously the superior player, so this makes the team better immediately. But I had kinda hoped the team might be able to trade him by the deadline and that will not happen now. Hopefully Hanigan will do what he do and finally take the starting job for good.

  • Jonny Gomes hit the game-clinching homer yesterday
    but he wasnt originally in the lineup. Laynce Nix had a stiff back and was a late scratch. Gomes was surprised to start against a righty, but craves the opportunity to break that label of "platoon player". "Gomes admits it bothers him to be classified as a guy who can’t hit right-handers and said, "Yeah, it definitely does. I hit all the way up through the minors. I don’t think I’ve been labeled that, but it’s a role I’ve been thrown into and I’d love to hit my way out of it."

  • More injury news
    Alex Gonzalez is starting a rehab assignment with Louisville. He'll probably be back with the Reds when they return from the road trip.

  • Chris Sabo's Goggles has a blurb about getting Jason Bay
    and it took me by surprise. I suppose if he makes it to free agency it's possible, considering how all-hit no-field guys' salaries have dropped. But if the Reds were to make a move in free agency for a LF, who among you would rather have Bay over Matt Holliday?

  • Doug Gray has some pictures and video of the Billings Mustangs
    courtesy of Jason McLure. The first pic at the top of the page is awe-inspiring. Catching a game in the PioLeague is definitely now on my bucket list.

  • If you didnt hear about it over the weekend, the Brewers traded for Felipe Lopez
    FanGraphs calls it a small win-small win deal for both teams. I'm not sure why the Brewers needed another infielder, but they didnt give up much for him.