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Red Reposter - 7/17/09

  • It doesnt look like Chris Dickerson's back spasms are too big a deal
    Dusty thinks he'll be fine to play today. He saw a chiropractor yesterday after walking around the clubhouse "like Fred Sanford", as Baker put it.

  • Joey Votto's home run last night was estimated at 471 feet
    which is good for 12th all time at GABP. He was this close to winning the truck for a lucky fan. It was pretty wicked bad. If you didnt see it, has you covered.

  • Injury updates from the Fay
    Alex Gonzalez hit and threw yesterday for the first time since having surgery to remove bone chips from his right elbow. "He must have good blood because he’s a fast healer," Baker said. I'm sure that is exactly what Gonzo thinks after last year. As for Edinson Volquez, he will throw long-toss on Saturday and throw from the mound on Monday. If all goes well there, he'll be on schedule to return the beginning of August.

  • Chris Heisey and Matt Klinker were honored by MiLB
    Heisey won player of the week honors in the International League (AAA) and Klinker won pitcher of the week honors in the Southern League (AA). Both have only recently been promoted to their respective leagues, so it's really good to see them both playing so well so quickly.

  • Diamond Hoggers has a recent photo of Jay Bruce
    Fair Warning: it's heart-breaking.

  • FanGraphs tries to explain how Julio Lugo has failed in Boston
    He was a decent shortstop when they signed him, but he's been a dramatic failure in his 2.5 seasons there (it absolutely kills me, because if the Reds had flushed that kind of money (4 years, $36 mil) away it would cripple the franchise for years). The Red Sox appear willing to eat what's left on his contract in order to clear up a roster spot. Even if he is virtually free, I dont know if I want anything to do with him. ZiPS thinks he'll be around league-average the rest of the way as a hitter, but his glove skills have declined such that I doubt it would be justifiable. But I dont know, maybe he's just not comfortable in Boston facing AL East pitching and a move to Cincy could be a good thing for him. I cant believe I'm even entertaining this idea though. Yeesh, you know things are bad when you momentarily contemplate the idea of adding Julio Lugo...

  • Jeff at Redlegs Rundown is ready to give up
    He's ready to trade Harang and Arroyo, dump the roster fodder and let the young guys play. I can understand the frustration, but I would keep Harang. The rest I'm fine with.

  • Ted Keith at SI has his weekly power rankings
    and the Reds have fallen to #22. He says Volquez is the key to the team's second half.

  • Just a few numbers to throw at you here:  Brandon Phillips has been just a touch short of awesome this year.  Not quite as good as his '07, but pretty close.  He's sporting a respectable .347 wOBA and has been worth half a win already with his glove, making him worth 2.3 WAR so far this year.  That is good for 3rd among NL 2nd basemen just behind the lucky Freddy Sanchez and miles behind the godly Chase Utley.  Much of this can be attributed to his greatly increased plate discipline.  His BB rate is 3.5% above his career average and his K rate is 5.5% below.  Those are incredible improvements.  I dont think these are sustainable levels for him, but these are two areas where I felt he most needed to improve and he has.  BP is a top-tier 2nd baseman.

    As for Joey Votto, he's lucky he hasnt been put on trial for witchcraft.  Here is his slash line - .353/.432/.604.  That is an OPS of 1.036 and a wOBA of .439 (good for 4th in the Majors if he had enough ABs to be eligible). 

    Everyone else has been awful.