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Off-night Open Thread: Desert Island Reds

No big league baseball tonight, so if you are drinking, you're probably just a drunk.

Since you are a drunk, let's play some games.  Tonight's game is "Who would you keep?"  Here are the rules: Imagine you had to protect 10 players from the Reds organization from an expansion draft.  Who are the 10 players that you would keep?  For this experiment, imagine that salary doesn't matter.  Just pick the 10 players who you would hold on to at all costs.  This includes minor leagues and unsigned draftees.  You only get 10 and you can keep whatever positions you'd like to keep.

In other news, the Reds have announced their rotation for the Brewers series:
THUR: Homer Bailey vs Braden Looper
FRI: Bronson Arroyo vs Jeff Suppan
SAT: Aaron Harang vs Manny Parra
SUN: Johnny Cueto vs Yovani Gallardo

Enjoy tonight.  For good or bad, the season starts back up tomorrow!