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Red Reposter - 7/14/09

  • It's been mentioned here in the comments
    but it's kind of a slow day so I'm saying it here too. Jay Bruce got the results back on his MRI and it looks like it was a clean break with no tendon or ligament damage. I'm feeling pretty positive about this. I think it's the ligament and tendon damage that tends to sap a hitter's strength after a wrist injury, so hopefully Bruce can come back late this year or even next and be the Jay Bruce we all know he can be.

  • THT takes at look at Jay Bruce
    now that he's likely out for the rest of the season. Citing the usual low-BABIP argument, they argue that Bruce was destined for a big second half. But after looking at his fly ball charts, they come to the conclusion that he's likely been trying to pull the ball too much. The last line had me in tears. I dont want to repeat it here.

  • Franciscoco Cocordero is proud to represent the Reds at the All-Star Game
    It's his 3rd invitation to the Midsummer Classic. "For a reliever to be in the All-Star Game, your team has to be doing good," Cordero said. "If your team's not winning, it's hard -- especially for a closer -- to be in the All-Star Game. You're not going to get as many save opportunities. That's why I say it's been good for me and the team this year. It shows we've been doing a great job as a team, and I'm doing a great job as a closer."

  • FanGraphs looks at who the luckiest and unluckiest teams have been so far
    and unfortunately the Reds have been pretty lucky. Like one of the luckiest teams in the league. I'd hate to see how they'd look all things being equal.

  • I dont know who this guy is
    but it's not the Fay. Whoever he is, he spent the day with the grounds crew to see how they prepare the field for a game. He even pitched in and got his hands dirty. Here's a direct quote, which I'm sure he didnt mean as a put-down to the hard-working guys and gals who do this for a living: "When the last out of the fifth inning was made, my nerves gave way to the action of the job, which turned out to be pretty easy. Most third-graders would be able to swap out an old base for a new one. Certainly, it was no sweat for this 29-year-old reporter."

  • Doug Gray continues to look at the young Reds pitchers with Pitch F/X
    and Paul Janish is up today. That fastball is straight as an arrow. He looks like he has a pretty good changeup though.