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Off Day Open Thread: Who Should Do What?

I've decided that I will choose to look at the fact that the Reds went 7-7 during the most recent stretch of intra-division play rather than focusing on the most recent 3-7 stretch.  At least for today.

A few questions to ponder while you are reading about what the Saved By The Bell cast is up to these days:

1. Some position questions.  Who should be playing...

  • CF: Willy Taveras or Chris Dickerson?
  • 1B: Ramon Hernandez or Jonny Gomes?
  • SS: Alex Gonzalez or Paul Janish?
  • C (when Votto comes back): Hernandez or Ryan Hanigan?

2. Who should be the next minor league hitter to get the call up for the Reds?  Who should be the next pitcher making the trip to the Majors?

3. Where should Jay Bruce be in the batting order Tuesday night?

4. Overall, how has Dusty Baker performed as a manager this season?

5. How many wins will this team finish with this season?