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Red Reposter - 6/4/09

  • Brandon Phillips had a lot to say after last night's game
    Phillips is a Laynce Nix fan and said, "He's a great teammate and it is nice to have a left fielder who can both hit and catch the ball. He's out there holding his own. Honestly, I think he is underrated and it is all about a guy getting a chance. And he is taking advantage of the chance they are giving him."

    "The night though starts with Johnny Cueto. He pitched a lights out game," said Phillips. "We were behind him catching the ball and hitting the ball."

    "That's the thing I'm happiest about tonight. I've never stolen a base on (catcher) Yadier Molina. So I'm happy about that."

  • Hal wonders outloud if Jay Bruce needs a refresher course in Louisville
    I know Walt isnt even entertaining this thought though, because Walt has a few braincells in his noggin. Bruce is one of the best young hitters in the game, but at 22 he's going to struggle. The only way he is going to grow as a major leaguer is by facing major league pitching every single day. No platoons, no demotions, no scheduled off days, just day after day of taking his hacks. The kid will be fine. We just have to let him.

  • Willy Taveras has a sore hamstring
    and Walt Jocketty is not going to put him on the DL. I, for one, am surprised and excited by this development.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal talked to Baker
    about all the different lineups he's had to put together so far this year. In 52 games, the Reds have ran out 38 different lineups. The most interesting part was his explanation of why Paul Janish finally got a start at SS, "I don't want Janish to be out too long."

  • ShysterBall recognizes Dusty for his wisdom and acumen in handling this issue with Joey Votto
    We bash Dusty plenty around here for bunting too much or building bad lineups or bringing a pitcher out after a long rain delay or keeping Janish on the bench for months at a time, but these mistakes are minor, if not arbitrary. His reputation is as a player's manager and this Votto situation really highlights that. I wish I had picked up on this before and said something about it, but thanks to Craig at ShysterBall for bringing it up. Good show Dusty.

  • Acknowledging anxiety made Greinke a torchbearer - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
    Zack Greinke's openness about his depression and anxiety disorder has helped other ballplayers work through similar issues.

  • Sheldon tries to make the argument that Ramon Hernandez has been solid as a stopgap at 1B
    I'm not gonna say he's been bad, but it's difficult to argue that he's been even average as a 1B so far this year. In the 15 games he's played at 1B so far this season, Hernandez has hit .264/.350/.321 for an OPS of .671. If I recall correctly, the average 1B last season in the NL OPS'd somewhere around .840 - .850. That OBP is pretty solid, but he's hitting for absolutely zero power. That is a fine line for a catcher, but for a 1B it's pretty weak.

  • If it seems like the Reds have had a lot of injuries over the last 7 years
    They have. This is a really interesting study by BtB of the Disabled List and which teams use it the most.

  • More from BtB:  The Reds stay steady at 21st in their Power Rankings
  • White Sox Call Up Gordon Beckham
    Not sure if this is interesting to others, but given that the Reds need a shortstop but took Yonder Alonso instead, it's noteworthy that the shortstop taken with the pick immediately following the Reds' pick will make his MLB debut tonight.  I like Beckham enough, but I'm not at all miffed about the Reds taking Alonso over him.  Beckham was one of the first top picks in last year's draft to sign, and I think if Alonso had signed in June he would be in at least AAA right now, if not manning 1B while Votto is out.

  • Cliff Corcoran at SI examines the McLouth-to-Braves deal
    and talks all about how the Braves are making a move in the NL East.  I want to talk more about the Pirates though, and I love this deal for them. McLouth is a fine hitter for a CF, but his defense there is pretty awful. The guy needs to be in a corner and once he moves that bat wont look as good.  He'll still be a solid above-average player as a COF, but he's not quite at an All-Star level. 

    And moving McLouth does multiple things for the Pirates: they get two starting pitchers in Jeff Locke and Charlie Morton who should be with the big club by September and a true CF prospect in Gorkys Hernandez. It also opens a spot for the Pirates' top prospect Andrew McCutcheon, who was called up to take McClouth's place on the roster and in CF. The best part though is that Pirates' GM Neil Huntington is not laboring under any delusions of contending this year and has started his dealing in early June, when he can maximize his returns. Call me crazy, but with Huntington at the helm I will be seriously worried about the Pirates in a few years.