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Red Reposter - 6/3/09

  • Hall o' Famer Hal has a roundup of news
    starting with Volquez going back on the DL. (jsl413 has the scoop with the FanShot) Dusty Baker says he's not particularly worried because there was no structural damage. Whatever. Watching him go on the DL, pitch one inning, and then go right back on the DL has me really horned off. I dont know why. It really isnt that big of a deal, is it?  He should be back soon enough, right?  I guess with Votto going on the DL a few days ago and Bruce struggling and Taveras hurt and Harang sucking hinies on Saturday I'm not as positive about this team as I was on Friday.  Remember when Bruce said they were coming home in first place?  Seems like an eternity ago, doesnt it?

    Hal also tells us Baker had a conversation with Jay Bruce about his recent slump. After last night, he is one for his last 20. "It's a matter of Jay having a better pitch selection," said Baker. "You can tell he is getting frustrated and I have to talk to him about getting upset after at-bats. I'd rather have him expend that energy and time on focus and concentration rather than frustration. They're teasing him out of the zone with fastballs, then throwing him a lot of breaking stuff. It's like a disease. You know you have it but you have to shake it." Hal also says Edwin Encarnacion is ready for a rehab assignment. I would imagine he'll be sent to Louisville.

  • 2009 MLB Draft Preview -
    Baseball Reference put together a listing of the order of the first 3 rounds of the 2009 draft. They also have quick links to each team's draft history as well as links to the best players ever taken in each slot and links to lists of players who were drafted in each slot. If you are into the draft, this is a great way to waste your day.

  • More draft news:  Draft Board - Minor League Ball

    More draft stuff as John Sickels puts together his top 50 players in the draft.

  • Sheldon gives us a preview of the upcoming draft
    He expects the Reds to take a pitcher with the 8th overall pick, but left-handed pitching and catchers will be the focus in later rounds. One of my favorites, Danny Dorn, gets a little respect for the way he's rocketed through the system after being drafted in the 32nd round in '06.

  • Redleg Nation honors their Player of the Month for May
    and the award goes to Brandon Phillips. I knew he was having a good month, but I had no idea he hit .352/.392/.682. That is one monster month from our slick-fielding second baseman. Now if only everyone else could start hitting...

  • Fay wonders if Great American is still the home run park it used to be
    Long story short, the Reds have better pitching and fewer home run hitters.

  • With Volquez and Josh Hamilton both going on the DL on the same day
    Fay asks if you would still do the trade. Most of the bloglodytes over there say yes.

  • Dave Cameron at FanGraphs
    submits his NL All-Star ballot and the only Reds representative is Brandon Phillips. Im kinda surprised to not see Johnny Cueto, but I suppose even the Rockies need someone on the team.

  • Turn Out the Lights: Tiger Stadium to be Completely Demolished.
  • MLBTradeRumors has an interview with Justin Upton
    In case you didnt know, Upton is destroying opposing pitchers right now, hitting .322/.396/.592. Baseball folk like to compare him and Jay Bruce, but if you ask me Upton gets the edge. He has a brother named BJ who I heard is pretty good too.

  • How to Photograph Baseball
    You want to take pictures at a baseball game like a pro (or at least like BubbaFan)? This primer will get you closer to success.

  • NBC Sports - The Astros plan on being buyers for some reason
  • mental_floss Blog Lunchtime Quiz: Beer Geography
    It's not sports related, but it's right in the wheelhouse for many on this site.