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Game 70 Thread: Reds at Blue Jays

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, Jun 24, 2009, 7:07 PM EDT
Rogers Centre

Bronson Arroyo vs Scott Richmond

Partly cloudy. Game time temperature around 80.

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2009 - Bronson Arroyo 8-5 5.16 1.39 48 32

2009 - Scott Richmond 5-4 3.79 1.22 61 23

One year ago today, Bronson Arroyo pitched in Toronto. Actually, that's a bit misleading. A year ago, Bronson Arroyo was on the mound for the Reds for 1+ innings against the Blue Jays, but you could hardly call what he was doing pitching. He was basically throwing the Blue Jays extended batting practice. In that game, Arroyo gave up 10 runs on 11 hits, including 3 home runs on just 52 pitches. His performance that day gave him a game score of -9.

Thankfully, Arroyo is mentally prepared for tonight:

"Well," said Arroyo, "It can’t get any worse. Can it?"

That's right, Bronson, you got nowhere to go but up!

Scott Richmond's season has been predictably good, at least for the last month. Why, you ask? Well, I had him on my fantasy baseball roster in a pinch in early May. After watching him suck for a couple of starts, I dropped him just to watch him surrender only 8 runs and strike out 25 batters in his last 24.2 innings pitched. Sigh, baseball hasn't been very good to me this year.

The good news about tonight is that Dusty is finally trying something a little different. Tonight Chris Dickerson and Danny Richar are starting in place of Willy Taveras and Adam Rosales. Okay, so it's not a major upgrade, but it's progress. Then again Jerry Hairston Jr. (.203/.279/.203 in June) and Ramon Hernandez (.132/.253/.235) are still starting, but you can't have everything, can you, Paul Janish?