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Red Reposter - 6/24/09

  • The Fay comes right out and says it
    He thinks something radical needs to be done about Willy Taveras. He says, "It's not that he's not getting hits; he seldom has a decent at-bat." He suggests sending him to the minors for a few weeks, but is doubtful that will ever happen. Hopefully once guys like Fay start harping on this Walt and Dusty will feel the pressure to do something. I guess we'll see.

  • Jeff at Redlegs Rundown is fed up with the Taveras act too
    This is Twilight Zone stuff man. First Corey Two Pitch At-Batterson and now Willy. I blame everyone but myself.

  • Fay talked to Jocketty about the circulating rumor involving Bronson Arroyo
    "I haven’t talked to anyone about Bronson," Jocketty said. I'm on the fence regarding a trade of Bronson. slightly above league-average pitchers arent as easy to find as everyone thinks, but on the other hand if a decent return could be had I'd be open to listening. Oh, and isnt it nice to have a GM that, you know, talks about stuff like this?

  • Ken Rosenthal talks about whether Bronson Arroyo is really on the trading block

    The return of Volquez and addition of Bailey, in theory, would give the Reds the flexibility to trade Arroyo, who is earning $9.5 million this season and $10 million next season with an $11 million club option for 2011.
  • Tracy Ringolsby on Manny Ramirez's minor league stint.
    "What a farce." Another good perspective comes from Ken Tremendous, via twitter:

    $45m of Manny getting cheered by a minor-league crowd after a 50-game suspension proves conclusively that no one cares about steroids.
    I think most fans want steroids gone from baseball, but that doesn't mean they really care that much.
  • Brandon Phillips is a slacker
    and a snacker. (via RLN)

  • Flip Flop Fly Ball
    Baseball infographics and other visual treats. Lots of fun graphs at this site. Check it out, but only if you don't mind blow 30 minutes of your day.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal's Quote of the Day:
    Jonny Gomes is a steps runner — up and down and up and down the lower deck aisles. After he was spotted doing it early Tuesday afternoon at Rogers Centre, he smiled and said, "Just getting my Rocky on up here in Baseball North."