Hanigan about to lose his job--Baker should be next

So Dusty all but made it official yesterday when asked about what would happen when Votto comes back.

“I have to get Hernandez back behind the plate,” said Baker. While he recognizes what Hanigan is doing with the bat, Baker also knows most of his hits are not producing runs. Although he isn’t the Lone Ranger is not driving in runs, Hanigan is hitting .174 with runners in scoring position - .063 with runners in scoring position and two outs.

Hernandez is hitting .304 with runners in scoring posing, .320 with less than two outs.

Baker said this when Hal suggested he move Hernandez to 3rd to keep Hanigan in the lineup.

So the difference in OBP-.411 to .323 apparently doesn't matter. Neither does the fact that Hanigan is clearly a better defensive catcher. Since Hanigan didn't get enough hits the 4 or 5 times there was actually a man in scoring position he's going to get benched.

My contention is that no matter what Walt does, this team won't win with Baker making decisions like this. There's another rumor out there that Bronson is being dangled so the team can get younger. If that's the case, I think it's time to move on and get a new manager. Baker just doesn't trust the young guys enough and puts too much stock in fading veterans. Obviously this won't happen this season, but I think the best offseason move Walt can make is firing Baker.