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Red Reposter: Be Nice to Willy Please

  • This probably deserves its own post, but I'm starting to get sick of the whole Willy Taveras situation, and Dusty Baker is not making it any better. First he asks fans to be kind to Taveras while he struggles. Fine. I'm sure it's as hard for Willy to go through this slump as it is for us to watch it. But then, when Baker was asked about moving Taveras out of the leadoff spot, he said:

    "I don't know," he responded. "You're asking me questions I really haven't had time to think of. The problem is, I had Jerry [Hairston Jr.] leading off and he wasn't getting on either."
    Are you serious? You haven't had time over the last 3 weeks to think about moving a guy in one of the worst slumps in history out of the spot that gives him more ABs than any other? To paraphrase Office Space, what exactly is it that you do here?
  • There are going to be a lot of big names in town this weekend for the Civil Rights game. I wasn't all that excited about this game when it was first announced, but it's really turning into a big deal. This should bring a lot of positive exposure to the city of Cincinnati and the Reds. Hopefully the team won't lay a big egg.

  • John Erardi has a good article about Jerry Hairston Jr.'s ties to the Negro Leagues. This weekend is going to be special for him, I'm sure.

  • If you didn't see the video of the woman from the Reds ground crew taking a spill during Tuesday's rain delay, see it here.
  • Beyond The Box Score power rankings have the Reds staying steady at 25th. Justin has this to say:

    Unfortunately, the Reds are similar to the Giants in that the power ranking thinks they've been lucky on both offense and defense. The Reds' offense started reasonably well, but this month has spiraled towards atrocious. And unfortunately, our estimates (or rather FanGraphs' estimates, as we're just using their wRC to estimate offense) think they've been lucky by about 13 runs on the season.
    The offense has been lucky? Uh oh.
  • BtB: The average baseball player is getting taller. And Leon's getting larrrrrger.

  • Yahoo Sports Power Rankings have Reds at 13th. They make a funny about Dusty Baker too.