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Game 63 Thread: Braves at Reds

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Atlanta Braves
@ Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2009, 7:10 PM EDT
Great American Ball Park

Jair Jurrjens vs Aaron Harang

Partly cloudy,rain. Game time temperature around 80.

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2009 - Jair Jurrjens 5-4 2.85 1.27 55 29

2009 - Aaron Harang 5-6 3.74 1.35 67 20

Tonight, Willy Taveras goes for history. An 0-for-5 night tonight and Taveras establishes the longest streak without getting on base since at least 1954. Honestly, I don't want the Reds to lose, and I actually don't want Taveras to fail, but I do want to see this. History is history.

In honor of Willy, here are some ridiculous notes on how bad the Reds offense is right now:

  • Tonight's #1 and #2 hitters, Taveras and Alex Gonzalez, have a combined OPS of 1.155. Joe Mauer could go oh-fer in his next 10 plate appearances and still have a higher OPS than those two players combined. And they are guaranteed to have the most at bats for the Reds tonight if they play the entire game. Good managing!
  • The Reds have 6 players in the lineup tonight who have an on-base percentage of .322 or lower, not counting the pitcher. Amazingly, the Reds are only 14th in the NL in OBP.
  • Then again, they are 13th in the NL in slugging while playing in a homer haven. The only teams lower than the Reds are Atlanta, San Francisco, and San Diego. They latter two play in two of the least homer friendly parks in the Majors.
  • The right-handers on the Reds this year are getting killed by right-handed pitching: .228/.297/.340. Luckily, the lefties have been picking up the slack: .270/.361/.508. Laynce Nix and Jay Bruce are the only left-handers in the lineup tonight against right-handed Jair Jurrjens.
  • The Reds are 3-7 in their last 10 games. They've had 60 hits (I repeat, 60 hits) in their last 10 games and averaged 2.4 runs per game. As a team they are batting .175/.256/.260 in that stretch. That's right, a .260 slugging percentage.
  • They currently have 11 players with 25 or more PA during the month of June. Eight of them are hitting .238 or worse for the month.

I'm heading down to the game tonight because I can't pass up a chance to see history. Hopefully the rain will hold off and they'll be able to get the game in. I'm looking forward to seeing Aaron Harang pitch. It's been a while since I've seen him live. Oh, and hopefully we'll have pictures of a signed Failcoeur T-Shirt from jch24. Enjoy the game and savor the history!